How old can a military sergeant get married

According to the relevant laws of our country, the age of marriage of non-commissioned officers is the same as that stipulated in the Marriage Law. The male is 22 years old and the female is 20 years old. However, the military advocates late marriage …

In handling marital relations, active servicemen shall abide by the Marriage Law, respect social morality, and shall not live together without marriage or have sexual relations outside marriage.

Orphans, disabled persons and individual non-commissioned officers who are over 30 years old who have difficulty in returning to their place of origin and require that they be found in the army station should be strictly controlled and approved by the political organs of units above the military level.

Individual middle-level or higher officers serving in the frontier border counties (cities), desert areas, remote areas designated by the state, and the first or second-class island forces determined by the headquarters must personally meet the requirements of the army station. For local ethnic policies, the political organs of units above the regimental level and the civil affairs department of the local county-level people s government negotiated and agree, and only after the approval of the political organs of units above the division level and the signing of an in-situ resettlement agreement for transferees can they be allowed to find objects in the troops locations marry.

1. Marriage registration application form, the military s standard form, submitted by the military to the political department, should indicate the names, ethnicity, political appearance, date of birth, work unit (home address), etc. of the non- military side The official seal of the government where the work unit or family is located should be affixed. This form is to be entered into the military file. This table is meant to report to the organization, stating that they already have a target, and that two people meet the marriage conditions and intend to get married.

2. The questionnaire for lover status, which is what we usually call the political review form, is issued by the army and filled out by the unit to which the lover belongs. The main contents include: family background, main social relations, and performance in major historical events such as the Cultural Revolution. The official seal of the party organization of the unit to which the lover belongs needs to be stamped. This form is to be entered into the military file.

3. Only one child volunteer form, issued by the army, filled out by the affiliated women s federation, which means family planning. This watch is included in the military file.

4. Marriage checklists are necessary for military personnel to marry. This is not the same as the local area. According to regulations, two people should go to a local maternal and child health care station to do a formal marriage checkup. Two one-inch Bareheaded photos for two people are required. This form should be handed over to the military unit s organizational department before a marriage introduction letter can be issued.

5. The marriage introduction letter is issued by the military unit. The receiving unit of the introduction letter is the Civil Affairs Bureau you intend to register. Soldiers carry officer IDs, and their subjects carry ID cards and hukou books (soldiers do not have hukou books). You can register with the Civil Affairs Bureau with this introduction letter. The cost of marriage registration is about fourteen yuan. Some civil affairs bureaus will ask you if you want to register the program, that is, if you want to record the video disc of the registration process, it is about 70 yuan, which is voluntary.

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