How to apply for Chinese visa for foreigners

Applicants shall submit visa applications to the corresponding embassies and consulates in accordance with their residences and with reference to the division of the consular areas of Chinese embassies and Consulates General in the United States. The application can be submitted with the help of myself or the entrusted agent or agency (without the need to provide the power of attorney). However, please note that if the embassy or consulate deems it necessary, the applicant may be required to go to the embassy or consulate to submit the application in person and receive an interview.

There is no need to make an appointment for visa submission and collection. The applicant or agent can go to the embassy and consulate for visa application during the external office hours.

The consulate will not accept visa applications by other means (e.g. mail, fax, Internet).

Unless otherwise notified by the embassy or consulate, the applicant or agent may go to the embassy or consulate to collect the completed visa at the earliest time indicated on the evidence collection form. The embassy and consulate do not provide visa service by mail.

Once the visa application is approved, it cannot be revoked. The applicant is required to pay the relevant fees.

Processing time

1. Ordinary parts: 4 working days

2. Urgent parts: 2-3 working days

3. Urgent parts: 1 working day

Please note that:

The above processing time is general. Some applications may take longer to process, so the processing time is uncertain. In such case, the applicant shall wait for the notification from the embassy or consulate.

Except for visa application for Hong Kong and Macao.

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