Is it an accomplice to help criminals transfer criminal tools?

According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, those who help criminal suspects to transfer criminal tools can be dealt with as accomplices in accomplices, and the accomplices are legally mitigated.

1. Contributions must be committed by the criminals themselves, that is, if relatives or friends directly disclose the criminal behavior of others to the relevant authorities, they are not considered to be the meritorious performance of the criminals.

2. The material for reporting crimes of other people should specify the facts of the crime. If the disclosure of specific crime facts is not specified, it cannot be regarded as a meritorious act.

3. Criminals who expose other people s criminal acts and provide important clues in the detection of other cases must be verified to be successful. If the clues provided by the suspect do not play a practical role in the detection of the case and the arrest of the criminal, it cannot be regarded as a contribution.

In practice, due to the reasons for being arrested and arrested, criminal suspects sometimes cannot provide criminal clues or expose other people s criminal behaviors, thus failing to make contributions and not being given the opportunity to reduce sentences.

In this case, in order to provide the criminal suspect with a commutation opportunity, the relatives and friends of the criminal suspect will try to help the criminal suspect to obtain a commutation opportunity, and it is a common way to provide criminal clues to their judicial organs.

However, this approach cannot help criminal suspects get a chance to reduce their sentences, because the law stipulates that this method cannot provoke criminal suspects to make contributions.

According to the Opinions of the Supreme People s Court on Handling Certain Specific Issues of Surrender and Contributions , the following three situations cannot be considered as criminal suspects contribution:

1. Criminals who use illegal methods such as bribery, violence, or coercion, or violate the regulations during meetings with lawyers, relatives, and friends after being detained, obtain criminal clues from others, and “report and report” cannot be regarded as successful .

2. Criminals who report their criminal clues that they have mastered in their previous criminal investigation activities or obtained from the national staff who have the responsibility for investigating and supervising crimes shall not be deemed to have performed meritorious service.

3. In order for criminals relatives and friends to make a contribution , provide criminal authorities with clues to others and assist in the arrest of criminal suspects.

According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, those who help criminal suspects to transfer criminal tools can be dealt with according to the accomplice of the accomplice, and the accomplice belongs to the statutory mitigation punishment.

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