Is marriage unmarried after cancellation of marriage?

Usually, a marriage can only be established through a legally acquired marriage. If a marriage is caused by coercion, after one of the parties cancels the marriage registration, the marriage relationship is terminated and it can be regarded as unmarried.

Article 11 In case of marriage under duress, the party under duress may apply to the marriage registration authority or the people s court to cancel the marriage. A coerced party s request to cancel the marriage shall be filed within one year from the date of marriage registration. A party who has been illegally restricted in personal liberty s request for the revocation of the marriage shall submit it within one year from the date of restoration of personal liberty.

Article 12 A marriage that is invalid or revoked shall be void from the beginning. The parties do not have the rights and obligations of the husband and wife. The property obtained during the period of cohabitation shall be handled by the parties through agreement; if the agreement is not reached, the people s court shall make a judgment based on the principle of taking care of the party without fault. The disposition of the property of invalid marriage caused by bigamy shall not infringe the property rights of the legal marriage parties. The children born to the parties shall be subject to the provisions of this Law on parents and children.

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