Is the insurance survivor’s common property

Many people should understand the concept of insurance, such as endowment insurance that every middle-aged and elderly person applies now, and life insurance that they apply for every year in elementary school, and for couples, they sometimes apply for some together. Insurance, but if the relationship between husband and wife is not good, these insurances such as insurance survival metal do not belong to the common property of the husband and wife? The editor of has compiled related content and hopes to help you.

(2) The common property of husband and wife and the common property of the family, adhere to the principle of equality between men and women, protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children, take care of the party without fault, respect the principles of the parties, and benefit from the principles of production and convenience, and make reasonable and reasonable solutions. Based on the above principles and combined with trial practice, the following specific opinions are put forward:

1. If the husband and wife have agreed in writing on who owns the property, or they have agreed orally, if there is no dispute between the two parties, the divorce shall be handled as agreed. But the agreement to circumvent the law is invalid .

2. The property acquired by both spouses during the duration of the marriage relationship is the common property of the spouse, including: (1) income from one or both parties labor and property purchased; (2) property inherited or donated by one or both parties; (3)) Economic benefits obtained by one or both parties from intellectual property rights; (4) Proceeds from one or both parties engaged in contracting, leasing and other production and business activities; (5) Obligations obtained by one or both parties; (6) Other legal income of one or both parties.

3. During the duration of the marriage relationship, the demobilization and demobilization fees received by the demobilized and re-employed soldiers should be divided according to the common property of the spouse if they have been married for more than 10 years. The medical subsidies and return production subsidies brought by demobilized soldiers from the army shall belong to me.

4. Married property that is managed and used separately by husband and wife in two places separately shall be recognized as the common property of husband and wife. When dividing property, the property that is separately managed and used is owned by each. Where the property divided between the two parties differs greatly, the difference shall be settled by the party with the excess property with the property equivalent to the difference.

5. Registered marriage and not yet living together. Gifts and gifts received by one or both parties shall be recognized as the common property of the husband and wife, and the source and quantity of the property shall be reasonably divided in the specific treatment. In principle, the property invested and purchased by each of them shall be owned by them.

However, in reality, it is often more complicated to divide insurance as the common property of the couple. Therefore, in general, the two parties can choose to refund the insurance and then allocate the cash they receive as common property. You can also choose to consult the relevant professional Lawyers conduct mediation and peaceful settlement.

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