“No criminal record proof” is difficult to do

3 trips to the neighborhood committee, 3 trips to the police station and 1 subdistrict offices, and then to the mayor’s hotline, many times in the WeChat group of the residential quarter, and eventually dragged for 50 days and commute to more than 20000 kilometers. The Shijiazhuang citizen Suhan (alias) just opened a no crime proof for the son who worked abroad. (China Youth Daily, June 4)
“It took 50 days and more than 20000 kilometers to go back and forth”, which is such a laborious and time-consuming process. It is undoubtedly too hard and difficult. It not only makes the most of the trouble, but also runs counter to the government’s promises such as “let the masses run less errands”, “do it at once, do it at once”.
Why is a paper of “no criminal record certificate” so difficult and frustrating? From the perspective of media reports, of course, this is directly related to various negative actions of relevant local offices. For example, “at first, the police station requires that the police station must do it by itself”, and then “the residents’ committee is required to provide a residence certificate”. However, the head of the local residents’ committee also stressed that the community could not issue a residence certificate because the parties “did not live in the community.” Further detailed and in-depth analysis, we will find that the difficulty of “no criminal record certificate” is actually closely related to the imperfect, rigorous and standardized current relevant certificate handling policies.
In August 2015, official Wei of the public security administration of the Ministry of Public Security issued “18 certificates that should not be issued by public security organs”, including “no criminal record certificate”, emphasizing “no criminal record The unit in need shall send personnel to the public security police station with valid certificates and unit introduction letters to issue certificates. No individual shall be issued. ” Although it is clear that the original intention of “18 certificates that should not be issued by public security organs” is to simplify a large number of annoying people’s certificates and reduce the burden of handling affairs for the people, in fact, many units continue to ask for such certificates, especially when other countries need such certificates when going abroad, simply emphasizing that “no one is allowed to issue” will undoubtedly still cause some people trouble and make them fall into “one” I don’t know what to do.
Although, in view of the “certificate of no criminal record”, the opinions on improving and standardizing the certification work issued by public security police stations issued by 12 departments such as the Ministry of public security in August 2016 further stipulates that “citizens can apply to inquire whether they have criminal record due to the need of handling overseas affairs.” But limited to the expression of “can apply for inquiry”, there is still some ambiguity in fact. If there is no further clarification, in the case of citizens’ need to go abroad, whether the police station should issue a certificate of no criminal record, and whether the relevant issuance procedures and processes are clear.
In fact, it is against this background that similar “no criminal record proof” difficult phenomena have appeared in many parts of the country before, and the police stations in different places have different practices in this regard. For example, according to previous media reports, some police stations will seal, while others will not. There is no unified approach.
In view of this, if we want to change the difficult phenomenon of “proof without criminal record”, the key lies in that we must further improve and perfect the relevant policies for handling certificates, such as the need for handling certificates under the situation of “need to go abroad”, further clarify and refine the relevant requirements and procedures for handling certificates. It should be realized that, compared with other proofs, “no criminal record proof” is actually a special matter of proof, because it is not only the legal entry threshold of many professions (such as teachers, lawyers, etc.) in China, but also a proof document with international needs. As some insiders pointed out, “no criminal record certificate” actually belongs to a police certificate, which is a common practice to prevent individual people who endanger national security from entering the country.
In addition, it is also very important to effectively avoid the phenomenon of “no criminal record proof” and reduce a large number of excessive, especially those requirements for proof without legal basis. We should know that only when there is a clear legal basis in advance, it is legitimate to ask for a “crime free record certificate”. Otherwise, any ordinary occupation, before entering the job, will also ask for a “crime free record certificate”, which is bound to not only have no legal basis, but also constitute a kind of employment discrimination for the candidates.

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