Provisions of the unit crime jurisdiction court

Jurisdiction of unit crimes Jurisdiction of unit crimes refers to acts that are liable to criminal responsibility for companies, enterprises, institutions, institutions, and organizations that endanger the society and legal requirements. Which judicial organ should file a case for prosecution and division of such cases Jurisdiction shall be based on the following principles:

(2) The jurisdiction of the case for the suspected unit shall be consistent with the case jurisdiction of the person in charge directly responsible for it or other persons directly responsible for the case and shall be pursued in the same case.

When classifying jurisdiction, it should be consistent with the control of the person directly responsible for the unit or other persons directly responsible for being criminally responsible for committing a unit s crime, that is, if the unit is directly responsible for the person in charge or other directly responsible person, When a unit crime is punishable by a sentence of life imprisonment or higher, an intermediate people s court should be tried. The investigation of a unit crime should also be investigated and prosecuted by the corresponding judicial organ.

Regional jurisdiction. The principle of jurisdiction at the place of crime is implemented. Only when the people s court at the place of crime considers that the jurisdiction of the people s court at the place of registration of the unit is more appropriate, can it be transferred to the people s court at the place of registration.

If the crime constituted by the unit is also punished, a fine is usually imposed, and the court jurisdiction of the unit crime needs to be determined according to the specific circumstances, usually the jurisdiction of the case.

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