Second Marriage Couple Property Agreement

In real life, many divorced couples will re-establish a new family. If they remarry, they will have a second marriage. In view of the problems arising from the first marriage, most people will pay more attention after the second marriage. Most people will sign a property agreement. What is the property agreement of the second marriage couple? The editor of will answer the questions for readers.

Both men and women are single and are now older. In order to be able to take care of themselves in life and to rely on them emotionally, the two parties voluntarily married. At the same time, in order to live a happy life and a harmonious family, both parties and their children specify this agreement.

The respective pre-marital property of both men and women will not be remarried for this time, resulting in the transfer of the man s property to the woman and the woman s child, or the transfer of the woman s property to the man and the child.

Savings before marriage are property before marriage. After marriage, the individual s pre-marital savings principal and savings interest remain with the individual. The right to inherit property before marriage is unchanged, and the property before marriage of both parties is inherited by their original children.

If either party A or B dies, the other child no longer bears the obligation to support and care for the elderly of the other party. The marriage relationship will also be automatically terminated. The welfare fee such as pension after death shall be paid by the respective children. The funeral shall be borne by the respective children. The ashes shall be placed by the respective children. The other party shall not interfere. The other party must return to their child within seven days and must not stay in the other child s home for any reason. The child of the living party must pick up his father or mother home within seven days, and must not be excused for any reason.

The right to inherit common property after marriage is enforced according to law. __If the understanding of the text of this agreement is inconsistent with the above purpose, it will be understood in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of the agreement. __ Both parties A and B, and the children of both parties, are hereby clear: If after the remarriage of the two parties, any time the acts performed by them do not meet the purpose of this agreement, the acts are invalid. __ (The last thing is coordinated and resolved by both parties) __ The above agreement is effective when signed

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