What are the common situations of unit surrender?

1. Unit crimes are committed through collective research decisions. When a criminal unit decides to appoint others to commit crimes and honestly account for crimes through collective research, it shall be determined that the unit surrendered.

2. The legal representative of the criminal unit and the person in charge directly responsible surrendered himself. If he truthfully confessed the crime, regardless of whether he participated in the unit s crime or not, he shall be deemed to have surrendered.

3. If the person directly responsible commits a unit crime without the legal representative or the person in charge of the unit, the person directly responsible commits the crime automatically and truthfully explains, the unit is established to surrender.

However, in the case of single-penalty unit crimes, there are exceptions where the unit is deemed to have surrendered. There are a few provisions in China s criminal law that implement a single penalty system, that is, the person in charge who is directly responsible for the crime of the unit and other personnel who are directly responsible are sentenced to punishment, and the unit is no longer punished. For example, the crime of providing false accounting reports, the crime of obstructing the liquidation, the crime of privately dividing the state-owned assets, the crime of privately punishing the confiscated property, etc. In the case where the unit commits the above crimes, even if it complies with the constitutional requirements for determining the unit s surrender, it cannot be considered as the unit s surrender. Because the most fundamental purpose of surrender is to mitigate or mitigate punishment, and if the crime is less serious, punishment can be waived. Because the single pe nalty clause did not impose penalties on the unit, it was no longer considered that it was meaningless for the unit to surrender.

Automatically commit the crime after committing the crime. If you truthfully confess your crime, you will surrender. Criminals who surrender can be given a lighter or lighter punishment. Where crimes are relatively minor may be exempted from punishment. The criminal suspects, defendants and criminals who have been sentenced to compulsory measures shall confess themselves to other crimes that they have not yet grasped by the judicial organs.

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