What are the conditions for foreigners to buy houses in China?

FIRST. Foreigners need to provide the following identity certificates when buying a house:
(1) Hong Kong and Macao compatriots shall provide passports or resident identity cards of the Special Administrative Region and pass to and from the mainland;
(2) Taiwan compatriots provide Taiwan cell card or confirmed identity certificate;
(3) foreigners shall provide passports and residence permits (if there is no residence permit, Chinese translation of passports issued by Chinese notary public shall be provided).
SECOND. Foreigners need to provide the following certification materials that meet the purchase conditions:
(1) non Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan expatriates need to provide a certificate (labor contract or visa, etc.) that they have worked or studied in China for at least one year.
(2) for the purchase of first-hand commercial housing, the following shall be provided:
1. If the obligee is more than 2 persons, submit a joint application. If the obligee does not have full capacity for behavior, submit a guardianship certificate and a copy of guardian’s ID card (passport);
2. Foreign examination opinions issued by foreign examination and approval office;
3. After obtaining the real estate mapping certificate, go directly to the real estate trading center to handle the real estate certificate.
For the purchase of second-hand houses, it is necessary to provide:
1. Notarial certificate of sales contract;
2. Foreign examination opinions issued by foreign examination and approval office;
3. Housing appraisal report;
4. Real estate mapping certificate.
THIRD. Foreigners shall provide the following materials for the purchase loan:
(L) identification;
(2) down payment certificate;
(3) income certificate, education certificate and credit certificate of the lender;
(4) marriage certificate (marriage certificate or single certificate).

If one of the husband and wife entrusts the other party to handle the loan, a power of attorney shall be issued. This certificate shall be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country or by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country.
If the entrusted agent purchases the house, it is necessary to go through the entrusted notarization procedures, and the power of attorney and the time limit shall be specified in the power of attorney, so as to avoid the loss to the client due to the unclear authorization.
These are the requirements for foreigners to purchase real estate in China. I hope that the above contents can help foreigners to settle down in China and buy a house of their own.
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