What are the dangers of domestic violence against children

Domestic violence is an illegal act. The impact of domestic violence on a family is also very large. If there is a child, it may have a certain impact on the child s education, and it may also have a great impact on the child s personality. The following is the relevant information compiled by the editor of Hualu.com. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Welcome to read it.

1. Children are absolute, both psychologically and physically. Therefore, in communities and schools where children can reach them, education needs to be strengthened. In the past, society talked more about children s physical safety, but children s psychology Safety is ignored.

2. The source of domestic violence is caused by excessive negative emotions and aggressive offensive emotions of family members, which is caused by a need to release energy. If such emotions are transformed properly and become positive energy, they will be altruistic and constructive. If they are not transformed and released properly, they will become violent and devastating energy.

3. From the perspective of mental health, such behavior can be prevented. It is mainly to improve the personal qualities of parents. Parents ways will affect their children, so parents need to know about themselves, understand their emotions and behavioral expressions, and understand the impact of their native family on themselves.

Love for extramarital affairs leads to domestic violence. With the reform and opening up and the establishment of a market economy system, profound changes have taken place in people s thinking. In the fierce collision of various traditional, modern, indigenous and foreign ideas, cultures, ideas, and customs, some people lost their way of thinking, and their moral concepts, especially the moral concepts of marriage, were misplaced. Some men regard the dross as a fashion, and use extramarital affairs as a capital to show off to others, and some live outside the second wife illegally for a long time and have children. When you go home, you cross your nose and eyes, make your wife left and right, and use various excuses to force the wife to divorce. What s more, take the packaged second wife to live in the home and drive the wife out of the house A little resistance from his wife will lead to domestic violence. In the investigation, there were 60 cases of domestic violence cause d by extramarital affairs, accounting for 30%.

Directly causes domestic violence. Some men have distorted personalities and often suspect that their spouses have a misleading life style. Spouses are not allowed to talk to the opposite sex. Spouses are not allowed to make money out of homework. If their spouses resist, they will suffer domestic violence. Indulging in fun, loitering, gambling, drinking, and doing everything, some run rampant in the countryside, endangering the people, are bullies that everyone hates. These people do not have a sense of family responsibility, and go home to show prestige when things go wrong. If you lose money after gambling abroad, forcing your wife to borrow money, you will be violent if you don t. If a wife wants to file a divorce, she will be intimidated and threatened. The wife often swallows her voice and dares not to report. Such cases accounted for 22.5% of the total.

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