What are the legal consequences of not paying maintenance?

Children provide parents with the necessary living expenses financially, that is, assume certain financial responsibilities, provide necessary financial assistance, and provide material cost assistance. The Marriage Law of the People s Republic of China, which was amended by the Standing Committee of the National People s Congress in April 2001, states: Parents have the obligation to support and educate their children; children have the obligation to support and support their parents. When parents fail to fulfill their obligations, they are underage or unable to Children who live independently have the right to ask their parents to pay child support. When children fail to perform their maintenance obligations, parents who are incapable or have difficulties living have the right to ask their children to pay child support. The law states that for abandoned families If a member or a victim submits a request, the people s court shall make a decision to pay maintenance, maintenance, and alimony in accordance with the law. For refusal to implement the relevant maintenance, maintenance, alimony, property division, inheritance, inheritance of children, etc. The judgment or ruling shall be enforced by the people s court according to law. The individuals and units concerned shall be responsible for assisting the execution.

The newly amended Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly was formally implemented: for the first time, the 9th day of the ninth lunar calendar was clearly defined as the Elderly Day. In addition, the new law stipulates that family members must not ignore or treat the elderly; those who live separately from the elderly should often visit or greet them. Go home often is officially written into the law. If the children do not go home often to see the elderly, it should be illegal. Not to mention the situation where the children do not support their parents. Supporting parents is a statutory obligation of the children. If this obligation is not fulfilled, they must bear the civil liability to pay maintenance; no matter what the circumstances, the children must fulfill their maintenance obligations to the parents! Refusing to support the elderly can have serious consequences that may constitute a crime of abandonment, There will be the possibility of impriso nment!

The Marriage Law stipulates that parents have the obligation to support and educate their children; children have the obligation to support and support their parents. It is natural for children to support their parents, and the child s obligation to support their parents will not change for any reason.

赡 Elderly person is the obligation that each child should fulfill. What is the law for the 赡 elderly person and how to determine the standard of maintenance? If the child is not an aging person and has not fulfilled his maintenance obligation, he will lose the right of inheritance and cannot be assigned to the estate. How to write a family support agreement?

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