What are the main contents of deprivation of political rights

This issue also has two perspectives in the academia: positive and negative. It is definitely said that the probation is only a condition that the principal sentence is not executed, and the additional deprivation of political rights must still be enforced. This is also a punishment that is compatible with the crime committed by the offender. So criminals sentenced to additional deprivation of political rights can apply probation as long as they have the legal conditions for probation. The negative argument is that if a criminal is sentenced to additional deprivation of political rights , probation cannot be applied even if his main sentence is detention or a term of imprisonment of less than 3 years, otherwise the crime and the sentence are not compatible. In other words, the application of probation must be conditional on the criminals not being additionally deprived of their political rights. The author believes that it is definitely correct. Although there are legislative regulation s in foreign countries that explicitly declare that deprivation of rights cannot be combined with probation, such as Article 41 of the Korean Criminal Code. However, since our country s criminal law does not have such an explicit prohibition, it is of course not to exclude the application of probation to criminals who are additionally sentenced to deprivation of political rights if the probation conditions are met, otherwise the scope of probation will be inappropriately reduced.

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