What are the penalties for being deported back to China?

Generally speaking, deportation can be applied independently if the crime is minor but it is not appropriate to stay in our country; if the crime is serious and requires a certain main sentence, deportation can be applied at the same time as the main sentence. For foreigners who commit crimes, deportation can be applied independently or in addition. China is an independent and sovereign country, and all foreigners in our country must abide by our laws. If the criminal foreigner staying in our country is harmful to the interests of our country and the people, the people s court may impose a separate sentence or an additional sentence on deportation to eliminate the possibility of continued crime in our country. According to the provisions of China s criminal law, as long as the offender is a foreigner , no matter what kind of crime he commits, the court can decide whether to apply deportation to it according to the specific circumstances of the case. The Departure and Entry Administrati on Law stipulates that deported foreigners shall not be allowed to enter the country for a period of ten years from the date of deportation.

In the case of deportation, generally you still need to face the corresponding punishment after returning to China. This depends on the actual situation. Some crimes will be sentenced if they are more serious. If the crimes are relatively light, they will not be handled in this way …

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