What are the penalties for unit crime?

The two penalty system is also called the double penalty system. This is a new system for punishing unit crimes in view of the shortcomings of the single penalty system. The specific content is that when the unit constitutes a crime, both the unit itself is punished and the members of its natural persons are punished. It overcomes some of the disadvantages of the single penalty system and has been adopted by many national legislations, and has become an ideal system for punishing unit crimes.

Security punishment. Security punishment is a legal measure to control unit crimes based on the dualistic theory of penalties as a structure based on the unconscious ability of units and the unquestionable destructive consideration of society.

China s criminal law does not provide for corporate crime as a unit crime, as is the case with foreign criminal laws. This is based on the fact that a large number of unincorporated crimes in practice need to be punished with punishment.

If the unit commits a crime, the unit shall be fined, and the person in charge directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be sentenced to a fine. Where the provisions of this Law and other laws provide otherwise, such provisions shall be followed.

Justice The relevant judicial explanations on the specific punishment methods for unit crimes have been explained. If you are still unclear about the related problems of unit crime punishment, it is recommended to consult a more professional lawyer or find relevant legal departments to solve it.

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