What are the rules for foreign marriages

With the continuous development and openness of society, nationality and ethnicity are no longer a stumbling block to love. More and more men and women from different internationalities have come together to form families. So what are the regulations on foreign marriage in China? What matters need attention in foreign marriage? The editor of Hualu.com compiled the information for everyone.

Chinese citizens and foreigners (including foreigners who are resident in China and temporary visitors to China, and Chinese nationals who have settled in China) who have voluntarily married within the territory of China shall be designated by the people s government of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government where the Chinese citizen s account is located The marriage registration authority applies for registration.

Chinese citizens: (1) proof of my household registration; (2) the name, gender, date of birth, nationality issued by the county-level people s government where the household registration is located or the institution, school, institution, or enterprise at or above the county level where the work is located, Marital status (unmarried, divorced, widowed), occupation, nature of work, proof of who to apply for marriage with.

Foreign citizens: (1) their passports or other status and nationality documents; (2) the Residence Permit for Foreigners issued by public security organs, or the ID card issued by the foreign affairs department, or the temporary entry and residence permits to China; 3 Marital status certificate issued by the notary office of the country certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or an authorized organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and our embassy or consulate in that country; or Marital status certificate issued by the country s embassy or consulate in China.

Foreign nationals: (1) the identity and nationality documents that they have taken or replaced in their passports (exemption for stateless persons); (2) the Residence Permit for Foreigners issued by public security organs; (3) the county-level people s government where the residence is located or The name, gender, date of birth, marital status, occupation, and who to apply for marriage issued by the institution or county level institution, school, institution, or business unit where you work. In addition, both men and women applying for marriage must submit a pre-marital health check certificate issued by the hospital designated by the marriage registration authority.

The following Chinese citizens are not allowed to marry foreigners: (1) active duty military personnel, diplomats, public security personnel, confidential personnel, and other personnel with significant confidentiality; (2) people who are undergoing reeducation through labor and serving sentences.

It is not difficult to marry a foreigner, and the necessary information preparation is not cumbersome, but there are certain restrictions on marrying a foreigner. It is still difficult for a person with a specific status to marry a foreigner.

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