What is the conviction for the elderly?

  Children have a legal obligation to support their parents. The marriage law has clear provisions. Therefore, not supporting a parent is a violation of the marriage law, but not necessarily a crime. Only in serious cases can abandonment be suspected.

  Between husband and wife, between parents and children, between adoptive parents and children, there are mutual support obligations; between stepparents and children, grandparents, grandparents and grandchildren, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, under certain conditions, also Mutual support obligations. In addition , according to the spirit of legislation and the requirements of socialist ethics, the support relationship that has actually formed should also be recognized and protected. Those who have the obligation to support shall not refuse to support. However, if the supporter is unable to support due to natural disasters or human disasters, and his own income is too low, etc., the support is not refused.

  For parents who are old and have no or lost working ability, or cannot take care of themselves and cannot live independently, as children, they have the obligation to support, but have the ability to support but do not support, causing parents to commit suicide because of abandonment; Disregarding nothing, etc., constitutes a crime.

  The relevant laws on convictions of non-aged persons stipulate that, since ancient times, China has based on filial piety as the basis for governing the country. If you want to know more about other issues of convictions for non-aged people, you can consult more professional lawyers and legal institutions.

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