What is the protection of marriage law against domestic violence?

Families with frequent domestic violence have a serious impact on the physical and mental health of family members. Especially when violence is directly applied to children, it is easier for them to have fear, anxiety, and world-weary psychology. Children will run away from home and waste their studies. The following is a compilation of relevant materials by the editor of Hualu.com. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

First, Article 2 of the General Principles of the Marriage Law provides for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of women, children and the elderly. The specific provisions also fully reflect the protection of the law.

Children are obliged to care for the elderly. The civil law clearly stipulates the maintenance relationship between children and the elderly. Those who fail to perform their maintenance obligations shall bear civil liability. In Article 40 of the Marriage Law, the party that has fulfilled the obligations of supporting the elderly enjoys the protection and respect of the court. If there is a divorce dispute, this party can use this as a reason to divide the property or demand compensation from the other party.

Those who abuse, abandon, or commit violence against family members shall be mediated by neighborhood committees and village committees; if mediation is unsuccessful or the behavior is serious, they may be reported to the public security organs to stop them; otherwise, they may file a lawsuit to the court to stop harming and compensate for losses.

Family members who commit the above acts may be convicted of infringement in civil law, requiring them to stop harming and fulfilling their obligations; those involving criminal law may be sentenced, and severe cases may involve fixed-term, indefinite, or even death sentences .

Marriage Article 3 of the Marriage Law prohibits domestic violence. When you encounter domestic violence, you must not let it go. You should seek help from your family or society and the law to protect your personal safety and legal rights.

Injury. After being subjected to domestic violence, the first time to go to the hospital for an injury check is not necessarily a serious injury. In the identification of domestic violence, minor injuries can also be proven.

Agreement for divorce suing divorce. Divorce is the most desirable way to stay away from domestic violence. Generally, what is called domestic violence is not one or two quarrels or accidental injuries. It is long-term or serious injury. For this kind of injury , the injured person should not be able to swallow it, otherwise it may cause irreparable injury.

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