What rights are deprived of political rights

1. The right to hold office in a state organ. State organs include power organs at all levels, administrative organs, judicial organs, and military organs. Holding positions in state organs means holding leadership, management, and other work positions in the above- mentioned state organs. In other words, persons deprived of their political rights cannot hold any position in the staff of state organs.

2. The right to hold leadership positions in state-owned companies, enterprises, institutions and people s organizations. People deprived of their political rights can continue to work in state-owned companies, enterprises, institutions, and people s organizations, but they cannot hold leadership positions.

3. Right to vote and be elected. The right to vote refers to the right stipulated in the Election Law. Citizens can participate in election activities and vote in accordance with their free will to vote for people s representatives and other positions. Candidates for positions such as people s deputies have the right to be elected as people s deputies. The right to vote and to be elected is a basic political right of citizens. It is a necessary prerequisite and an effective way for citizens to participate in the administration of the country. Criminals deprived of political rights certainly cannot enjoy this right.

4. Right to freedom of speech, publication, assembly, association, procession, and demonstration. The so-called is the freedom of citizens to express their meaning in words; the freedom of publishing refers to the freedom to publish works in the form of text, sound, painting, etc., to express their ideas to the society; the freedom of association refers to the freedom of citizens to form certain social organizations for certain purposes; Freedom of assembly, freedom of demonstration, and demonstration are all citizens freedom to express their opinions and wishes, but in different ways of expression. These six freedoms are the basic political freedoms of citizens stipulated in the Constitution of our country. They are the right of the people to express their opinions, participate in political activities and the administration of the state. Those who are deprived of political rights according to law cannot exercise these freedoms.

Crime When criminals are sentenced to deprive of political rights, the duration of deprivation of political rights should be determined according to the nature of the crime, the degree of harm and the severity of the circumstances.

Deprivation of political rights can be applied in addition or independently. The law provides that the additional application of deprivation of political rights is generally a heavier crime, and the independent application of deprivation of political rights is generally applicable to lighter crimes.

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