Woman confined to pigs in pigsty

A few years ago, the girl Nana (pseudonym) in Gulang County, Lanzhou, entered the palace of marriage with the young guy (pseudonym) in Jingxin Village, Haizitan Town, Gulang County, with a wish for a beautiful marriage. The ruthless life shattered Nana s dream. After being tortured physically and mentally, the overwhelming Nana s spirit broke down completely-she was admitted to Wuwei Mental Hospital.

Recently, the reporter from Wuwei Station of our newspaper received a reader s report, claiming that Nana, a villager in Jingxin Village, Haizitan Town, Gulang County, was eventually admitted to a mental hospital because of unbearable domestic violence. After receiving the report , the reporter went to Wuwei Psychiatric Hospital for an interview on the afternoon of December 1st. In the inpatient department on the fourth floor, the reporter saw Nana being treated and mentioned the past. Nana was in tears. Both hands were shaking. She said that on the last day of her mother-in-law s house, she was pulled back by her husband with a rope around her neck.

According to Nana, since she was married to Xiaopeng, due to the difference in ideas, she and her mother-in-law s family have diverged. Since then, she has become a“ pumping bag ”for her mother-in-law s family, often beating her husband and father-in-law. In the spring of 2003, Nana was completely desperate for such a life, and Nana, who could not stand the double torture of spirit and body, finally summoned the courage and submitted a petition for divorce to the Haizitan People s Court of the People s Court of Gulang County where she was. After the trial, the court held that on December 10, 2003, the divorce was not allowed in view of the fact that the boyfriend did not agree with the divorce and the relationship between Nana and the boyfriend had not been completely broken. Since then, Nana s life at Xiaopeng s house has become even more difficult.

She said that during this year s Mid-Autumn Festival, her mother-in-law suspected her to be shameful, so she kept her in a pig house for more than ten days. When she was very hungry, she fought with the pigs , and she was already used to her husband s family. Beating her. During the interview, the reporter saw Nana s mouth with obvious scars. When she mentioned the scars on her face, Nana s eyes showed a kind of panic, and her explanation was even more shocking. Later, because she gradually became nervous, she was always partial. The superstitious Xiaopeng family insisted that Nana did this because of the devil s possession. In order to exorcise her and demons her, Xiaopeng and his father began to use a more absurd method to examine the ghost —holding Na with a vise In the corner of Na s mouth, she questioned whose demon possession she possessed, and her scream did not receive sympathy.

With questions, the reporter finally settled in Haizitan Town, Gulang County, and many villagers in the same village as Xiaopeng sympathized with Nana s experience. The old people shook their heads and told the reporter: The local colloquial meaning is poor!, The villagers said, sometimes when they saw Nana was poor, they secretly gave her something to eat, but they never dare let the young friends family see it. Villagers sometimes saw the beatings of Nana or the sound of fighting in the yard of their homes, but as long as whoever cares about their affairs, the people in their family make trouble with them, coupled with the traditional idea that the official is hard to break the housework When they saw it, they had to go around. Later, the reporter came to Xiaopeng s house and saw Nana s mother-in-law leading Nana s son to do housework in the yard. Nana s mother-in-law told the reporter that Xiaopeng went to work in Xinjiang, and Xiaopeng s father went outside Go to work. Nana s mother-in-law said that since Nana came to her house, they have never scolded Nana.

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