6 years old as Queen, 15-year-old Queen Mother, this woman can be described as miserable

In her life, she has set several records: the youngest queen, the youngest queen queen, the youngest queen queen, and at the same time, her life is also extremely miserable. There is no such transparent existence as her. Alas, the maternal line was captive, and there was only one person left, lonely and old, and the glory of the surface could not bear the sorrow of the heart.

She doesn t have a first name, only her last name is Shangguan, and she is called Queen of Shangguan. She came from a family of officials and grandfathers, and her grandfather, General Zuo, was an official, and his grandfather, Da Sima, General Huo Guang. In February 87 BC, Emperor Han Zhao, an eight-year-old emperor, was enthroned by Emperor Eyi, the princess. In order to please the long princess, Shangguan decided to send the six-year-old Shangguan into the palace.

At first Huo Guang did not agree, but Shangguanan found the lover of the princess and said that she was a princess. In the first four years, the six-year-old Shangguan family became the youngest queen of the Han Dynasty. After she became the queen, the Shangguan family held a group with the king of the swallows Liu Dan and the eldest princess and fought with the Huo Guangzhao emperor group, eventually failing.

Shangguan s family was exiled. Because Shangguan s granddaughter Huo Guang was only 8 years old, how could he understand any politics? So it didn t affect her, and her queen s position continued to sit. For a long time after that, Shangguan s lived a life of exclusive housing. The reason is very simple. Emperor Han Zhao was always supported by Huo Guang. The Queen of Shangguan must give birth to the eldest son. Otherwise, what should the Huo family do in the future?

Unfortunately, I don t know if it is too young, or because of other reasons, anyway, Emperor Han Zhao and Shangguan s have not been able to have children. In 74 BC (the first year of Emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty ), Emperor Han Zhao died, because Emperor Zhao had no son, Huo Guang and the ministers discussed, and Liu He, the grandson of Emperor Han Wu, was the emperor, and Emperor Shangguan was the empress. Moved to Changle Palace.

Liu He had no way, and only became a 27-day emperor, but was abandoned by Huo Guang. Because this Liu He is too ridiculous, he not only robbed folk beauties on his way to Beijing, but also demanded it after he took office . He also brought his own leadership team to disturb the original system. Hu Zuofei couldn t completely ignore it. … So Huo Guang asked the Empress Dowager to lie down, and the grandson of the prince, Liu Ji, had already declared Emperor Han.

Liu Xun is already Liu Xun. Liu Xun is the great-grandson of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Shangguan s seniority is the grandmother of Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty. In this way, Shangguan s age is only fifteen and he is the youngest empress and concubine. Empress Dowager. In the late period of Huo Guang s administration, he forced the Emperor Xuan Emperor to make his daughter Huo Chengjun the queen. When Huo Guang died of illness, the Huo family was destroyed.

In all fairness, Huo Guang is loyal to Dahan, but he is too high, too heavy, not suppressed, Huo s was destroyed, and the Empress Dowager has no maternal family members, and she no longer needs to ask politics until the age of 52, In the old dead palace. The Queen of Shangguan has been widow for 40 years and is the youngest queen in the history of the Western Han Dynasty. She was a queen at the age of 6 and a queen mother and a queen mother at the age of 15. She became the highest goal for women in the feudal era.

But in fact, in addition to her material life in her life, she can use the word tragic emotionally. At 8 years old, the patriline was slain by the mother, at 15 years old, the widow was slain, and at the age of 24, the sire was slain. After losing all loved ones, several emperors had no blood relationship with her. She became a transparent person, including her queen empress and queen, who would be taken away at any time. The only thing that accompanied her to the end of her life was the deep grievance and lonely.

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