96-year-old Kissinger revisits China: expecting successful Sino-US economic and trade negotiations

“The Sino US trade war will not lead to a new cold war,” said Kissinger, a 96 year old former US Secretary of state, who attended the “2019 innovation economic forum” in Beijing on Monday, referring to the Sino US economic and trade frictions. However, he warned that if the conflict continues unchecked, the results could be worse.

Reporters from the global times saw Kissinger on stage at the Yanqi Lake venue on the 21st, and he was warmly applauded. In his speech, he reviewed the whole process of his exchanges with China and expressed his hope that the Sino US economic and trade negotiations would be successful, because this is the beginning of a larger dialogue between China and the United States, and that the two sides would be able to carry out more and deeper dialogues in the future.

Kissinger believes that there is a huge difference between the trade conflict between the United States and China and the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union that took place decades ago. “At this stage, we have not reached this level of hostility.”. He said that China and the United States are the two largest economies in the world, and it is normal for some of them to “step on each other’s feet”. But it would be dangerous to associate any global conflict with China and the United States. “Today, we need to face up to differences and contradictions through negotiation. In the common interest, we should try to minimize the negative impact.” In view of the so-called “” Kissinger believes that China’s development strategy put forward from its own strong perspective cannot be said to be a threat.

Kissinger also said, “between war and peace, the Chinese people firmly chose peace. Human beings value peace. We should give up zero sum thinking and cold war thinking. ”

Speaking at a dinner hosted by the National Committee on U.S. – China relations, Kissinger said the two countries need to recognize the fact that there are no winners in the long-standing conflict between the two sides, according to U.S. media. If the two countries fail to resolve their differences, the conflict will be inevitable, which will lead to disastrous consequences. However, he stressed that he believed that the United States and China could resolve the current differences. Kissinger also predicted a trade agreement between the US and China.

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