A general of the Northern Song Dynasty, who gave up his life to protect Zhao Kuangyin, why did the e

Since ancient times, there has been such a saying: Blessed with the drip of water, it should be reported to Yongquan. If someone has saved the emperor s life, the emperor will naturally not treat him, even if he has committed any fault, he will not Worried about life. A general in the early Northern Song Dynasty, who once gave up his life to protect him, was almost killed by the enemy for this, but when he was framed by his colleagues, Zhao Kuangyin barely hesitated, and only said the word giving death. why?

The general was named Zhang Qiong. He was born in Hebei in the late years of the Five Dynasties. He was very strong from a young age and was very brave. When he grew up, he learned extraordinary martial arts, especially good at riding and shooting. Later, Zhang Qiong began to join the army. When Zhou Shizong Chai Rong was in office, he became a soldier under Zhao Kuangyin, and he fought fiercely, not to mention a dry job. He took the lead in each battle and made a lot of achievements., Gradually got the appreciation of Zhao Kuangyin.

957 In 957, Chai Rong ordered Zhao Kuangyin to launch an attack on Shouchun. Before the war, in order to understand the enemy s situation, Zhao Kuangyin decided to take a closer look in person, with only a few close friends, including Zhang Qiong. Because the distance was too close, the city s guards found Zhao Kuangyin and others, with almost no hesitation, immediately shot the arrow. Seeing that the momentum was wrong, Zhao Kuangyin ordered a retreat, but because the arrow was raining, the guards around him were killed, only he and Zhang Qiong were fine.

琼 Zhang Qiong responded very quickly. As a loyal and devoted, the first thing he thought of was not to escape, but to tightly protect his boss Zhao Kuangyin with his body. After escaping from the death, due to excessive bleeding, Zhang Qiong passed out, and under his protection, Zhao Kuangyin was safe and sound, and was not injured. After returning to the barracks, Zhao Kuang immediately ordered Zhang Qiong to heal him. It took him a long time to wake up, but one of the arrows was too deep and the military doctor was helpless.

Then, Zhang Qiong smiled slightly and let the medic retreat, but he took a few sips of wine and pulled out his arrow. The history book reads: Heavy cheekbones are inseparable. Qiong Suo s glass is full of wine, his bones are broken, his blood flow rises, and his appearance is free. Zhao Kuangyue was stunned by his actions, and praised him as a strong man. Since then, Zhang Qiong has been more important. No matter where he fights, he will basically take him with him.

After Kuang Chairong s death, Zhao Kuangyin took the throne through Chen Qiao mutiny and became the founding emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. He did not forget Zhang Qiong s life-saving grace and ordered him to take charge of the embargo, which fully reflects Zhao Kuangyin s trust in him. Later, in order to avoid the general s usurpation, Zhao Kuangyin played a trick to release the military power. Shi Shouxin, Zhao Yanhui and others understood the emperor s mind and voluntarily resigned, while Zhang Qiong still held heavy soldiers, which was his later ending. Hidden dangers.

As the saying goes, he would rather offend a gentleman than offend a villain. Although Zhang Qiong is superior in force, his emotional quotient is somewhat lacking. He doesn t like Shi Hanqing, the emperor s pet, and often reprimands him in person. On the surface, Shi Hanqing is friendly, but insidious and cunning, she has been looking for opportunities to kill Zhang Qiong. Shi Hanqing knew that the emperor was most afraid of rebellion, so he framed Zhang Qiong s family with hundreds of servants, each with high martial arts, and suspected rebellion.

After hearing this, Zhao Kuangyin was very angry, and immediately ordered Zhang Qiong to be jailed, and interrogated him in person. Zhang Qiong was very wronged. He pleaded not guilty anyway, and said he was framed. Zhao Kuangyin did not believe what he said, and finally gave Zhang Qiong, a former life-saving benefactor. In fact, compared to other ministers, Zhang Qiong s home is very broken, and there are only a few servants. After learning about this, Zhao Kuangyin regretted it, and promoted his brother Zhang Qiong as deputy commander of Long Jie, which is a kind of compensation!

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