Another famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, who carried the pot for the Great Song through

In the construction of a clean government, it is of great significance. Song Zhenzong s official file system and recommended accountability system have been formed. Since then, officials have records of any mistakes they have made, and even recommenders must be held accountable. The well-known Tribunal has also made its responsibilities clearer, specifically reviewing cases in Dali Temple and the Ministry of Criminal Affairs to plug loopholes in unjust, false, and wrong cases. The golden age of the Northern Song Dynasty, which was prosperous and ruled by the officials, laid the foundation for this year!

However, also from the perspective of clean government, this was also a year of heavy losses in the Northern Song Dynasty: On April 23, 1020, a 73-year-old Northern Song Dynasty official Shang Shu died long. The deceased senior official, However, was a model of honest government recognized by the Northern Song Dynasty at that time, and it was also the respected icon of famous officials of the Northern Song Dynasty, Xiang Minzhong, Bao Zhenghairui.

Qing In the ancient history of China, the popularity of clean officials has always been high, but there are also a lot of vomiters. Some are clean and well-known, but their ability to do things is also low. There have been many lessons learned from the mistakes of the officials in the past, but this adult, Xiang Minzhong, is 100% different: not only has a well-respected moral conduct, but also has a strong ability to do things. Not only are they not greedy, they also benefit one side regardless of the size and position of the government office. Power and morality all shine in history!

Tong Xiangmin, a native of Kaifeng, Henan, was born in the second year of Ganyou in the late Han Dynasty (949). His father had been a county magistrate and was considered an official family. However, his father Xiang Zheng was an official and upright, and Xiang Minzhong, who was the only son, was strictly managed from an early age, so he has also been tortured for a long time. He is not only young and handsome, he is also mature and steady. Based on his father s self-confident prophecy, he said: In the future, our family will be our baby son!

But on this day, his father Xiang 瑀 did not see it. When Xiang Minzhong was 20 years old, his parents died one after another, and his family became even poorer. However, rigorous education throughout the year has made Xiang Minzhong have a hard working temperament. He will never give up studying even if he is poor and hard. Finally, he struggled hard at the age of thirty-one.

Since starting to work, this poor child who is so hard-working is really like his father. Dont care how much money is passed, never take the money that shouldnt be taken, and be diligent in daily government affairs . An exclusive advantage, which is unique among the officials of all ages: EQ!

Of Officials since ancient times have a lot of tempers and are very principled in dealing with people, but they also offend people without paying attention. However, Xiang Minzhong, who has entered the career path, has become an alternative. Because he has worked with his father at the grassroots level all the time, he has seen so many people, and he has developed a patience with a bad temper. He has successively held several official positions, and his peer relations are very well managed, especially when he was a doctor from Youzhoushan, Jizhou, and was appreciated by Zhang Qixian who was transferred by his boss. It was Zhang Qixian who was famous for his temperament and arrogance, and even Song Taizu had stunned him, but he appreciated Xiang Minzhong and supported him as Deputy Deputy Minister of Huainan Transit!

It was also in this official position that Xiang Minzhong s high emotional intelligence was known for the first time. The vice-transporter was in charge of this task and was in charge of financial power. It was a prestigious job in the Northern Song Dynasty . Everyone was scared everywhere. However, Xiang Minzhong, who took office, has created a enthusiasm model: it is no longer the look of other transshipment deputies who hang their faces all day long. On the contrary, they usually have a smile on their faces, and they can easily become one with their subordinates. Such a enthusiastic and enthusiastic rising star, the reputation has become more and more bullish, and was soon promoted to the capital by Song Taizong, seeing the rhythm of flying Huang Tengda!

But Xiang Minzhong, who is proud of his career and successful as a man, has never changed the principle of life: never take money that should not be taken. However, during the reign of Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty, it was precisely the five years when the poisoning was serious, and the officials of the Northern Song Dynasty had a lot of problems. Xiang Minzhong, who has this principle, will also offend people if he becomes a human again. Especially when he took office in Dali Temple, the rules were broken. At that time, a hidden rule of Dali Temple in the Northern Song Dynasty was that once the stolen money was confiscated, the convicted officials must meet and share the points., but assigned to the hands of Xiang Minzhong, but did not get a penny. But if he doesnt take it, everyone will not be able to reach out. This offends a group of people!

So the incident of lying on the gun quickly came: Xiang Minzhong s father-in-law, Zhang Quhua, committed the crime, and Xiang Minzhong, who enforced the law impartially, although he took the initiative to evade in accordance with the principle , but after the case was sentenced to black bricks, he was baffled. Downgraded and demoted to Guangzhou to become Zhizhou!

If you say to the previous Xiang Minzhong, to your colleagues, it is a clean official who can be a person but has principles. Then Guangzhou s term of office not only verified the principle he has always adhered to, but also witnessed his ability that was often neglected before-for the benefit of the people!

In the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, the work of Zhizhou in Guangzhou belonged to a well-known category of oil and water, but it was easy to step on thunder. It was a window of foreign trade at the time of the Northern Song Dynasty. Local foreign business gathered all year round, and economic exchanges were booming. Zhizhou, with its good reputation before, did not pay attention to it when it came, and added a corruption point to its resume, even if it was fortunately not convicted, it would inevitably become infamous!

On this man, Xiang Minzhong was shocked by Chao Ye s eyeballs. Before he came to Guangzhou, he prepared his own clothes and supplies, and even the medicines that he might use every day were all bought out of his own pocket. It is said that it is for the convenience of life, in fact, it does not give others a chance to pull themselves into the water! After taking office, not only does the various power and money transactions remain intact, the shots are more accurate, and a few simple tricks will take the corruption that was originally owned by Guangdong s foreign trade. The mouth is blocked. Corrupt elements who dare to block the road? Even smiles can cope with it, but with a few smiles and smiles, they cleverly set up crimes!

It is in this soft and hard rectification that Guangzhou s international reputation has skyrocketed, foreign businessmen from all countries swarm, the city s economy is developing rapidly, and export trade is booming. The Song Dynasty s foreign trade income has also skyrocketed ! That was the age of the red eyes of the Northern Song Dynasty and the Liao Kingdom. Lack of money and red eyes, Xiang Minzhong, who is not greedy, is a heavy lifter, earning for the Song Dynasty Come with the most needed money !

Xiang Minzhong, who has performed well, is also blessed because of misfortune. If the reputation had risen before the gun was laid, this is a world-famous one. After his term expired, he was promoted to a bachelor s degree. After a hundred days, he was directly promoted to the same level. Knowing the Privy Council, the promotion speed set a record for the Great Song Dynasty, but when I took over the work, I realized that this was a cauldron: the Northern Song Dynasty , which was struggling to resist Liaoning, and the northwest encountered the Li Jiqian rebellion. The battle came suddenly, but nothing was prepared., Looking around, had to find this Xiang Minzhong to carry!

Xiang Minzhong was so calm when he caught the duck on the shelf. When he was studying in the early years, he had paid attention to things. After working smoothly, everyone was relieved: This person is just a living map in addition to being a person. The whole northwestern land The strength of the defense zone, and even each of the roads leading to the front line, to supply the warehouses for the front line s military supplies, were all packed in his head, and they were by no means memorized. He was in the Privy Council, and he was ordered to deploy the Song Army battle plan. As long as he had his staff, he would immediately hit the key! The Northwestern War with his participation finally seemed to press the accelerator, and he finally managed to control the situation!

After Song Zhenzong Zhao Heng ascended the throne, the young emperor who longed to Minzhong for a long time when he was a prince, relied heavily on him, and raised him to the right to shoot. After he was promoted, he asked the people around you: Said that Xiang Minzhong had been suffering for many years. What kind of fun would his family be when he was promoted to such a big official! It was stunned when he saw it: I saw the door of Xiang Minzhong s home closed , thanked guests all day and dared to congratulate him. All went out. After listening to Song Zhenzong, he directly commented to Ray: This Xiang Minzhong can stand the promotion!

Since then, every time something serious happened, Song Zhenzong immediately dragged him to Minzhong, especially when he first ascended the throne, and he fought several times with fierce battles with the Liao country. Mess. At the critical moment, Xiang Minzhong came back to the top. He quickly became the ambassador to appeasing Hebei Hedong. Wherever he was the poorest and the most chaotic, he went to visit the poor and ask for help. As soon as he showed up, the place where the chaos was noisy was full of joy. The three words Xiang Minzhong have been set up as living signs for officials of the Northern Song Dynasty.

In the first year of Song Jingzong s Jingde, that is, in 1004, the battle of Luzhou, which determined the fate of the two centuries of Song and Liao, Xiang Minzhong, who was far away from the front, became the true hero of Dingding: at that time, he was a protracted hero. To appease, to shoulder the overall situation of the Northwest in the Northern Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty wanted to resist the Liao country. There was nothing wrong in the Northwest. Who knew Xiang Minzhong stepped on the pit as soon as he arrived: At that time, the Song Dynasty was busy fighting against Liao Dynasty for a long time. Attention, the local embargo general wanted to rebel.

Fortunately, Xiang Minzhong has a wealth of experience. He has deployed an intelligence network for a long time. After confirming the information, he is not panic and pretends he has no knowledge. Please ask the generals to come to the banquet. Kill them, kill all the insurgents on the spot, clean the scene quickly after the killing, then raise the glass to Minzhong, smile at the frightened guests around you: You eat and drink!

As long as you think about the battle between Song and Liao s army in Chenzhou, you will know that the chaotic scenes of chaos and laughter tell Da Song to hide away from a historical reef!

Xiang Minzhong, who worked so hard, also called Song Zhenzong extremely moved afterwards, and also said a supreme comment: There are many officials in the Song Dynasty, but there are many people who can do practical things for the common people. This is Xiang Minzhong.!

For many years after his death, Xiang Min was a long-time official in the official ministry. The Northern Song Dynasty s personnel work was one of the shoulders. Many famous officials in the later Song Renzong era came from his selection. He worked hard and finally vomited blood. He asked for resignation several times during the period and all were rejected by Song Zhenzong: How could he find a person who is clean and able to handle things? How can he let it go so easily? On April 23 , 1020, he died at the age of 73.

Song Zhenzong, who heard the news, was also very sad. In addition to the grand mourning, he was given a special treatment: Xiang Minzhong s five sons and son-in-law were promoted at the same time. Since then, the Xiang clan is also a famous politician in the Northern Song Dynasty. By the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Queen Mother of the Northern Song Dynasty who was well-known between Song Zhezong and Song Huizong was the great-granddaughter of Xiang Minzhong. It is also after the death of the queen queen, Song Huizong, who has been thinking about it, has given Xiang Minzhong another supreme honor: the King of Yan!

However, it was the great-granddaughter of Xiang Minzhong, the Empress Dowager of the Great Song Dynasty, but when Song Zhezong died, he did a big dig: when discussing the election of the ascendant, the queen mother rose up in disregard for the old minister s chapter. The roar of Duan Wang Qing Ye resolutely wants to establish Duan Zhao Zhao as the emperor. It is this Zhao Zhao, the later Song Huizong, who, for 25 years as a day, ruined the powerful Northern Song run by his brother. It was tragic to the shame of Jingkang. Although he broke through the disaster, to discuss the pit, it was dug by the great granddaughter of the Great Song Lianzheng model to Minzhong.

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