At the age of 15, he went on a mission with his father and destroyed the Three Kingdoms.

As we all know, China is an ancient civilization with thousands of years of development history. After undergoing hundreds of dynasties, Wenchen and generals played a vital role in the dynasty. Especially the generals, the generals in Chinese history are quite There are so many people who know it well. However, in the history of our country, there is such an underrated God of War, who uses soldiers like gods and has done so well, but has been blackened for many years!

This person is the general of the Tang Dynasty, Su Dingfang, who was repeatedly entrusted by the court to lead the army to destroy three countries. He succeeded in developing the territory for the Tang Dynasty and occupied the Aral Sea of ​​Central Asia. The border reached Persia directly. Countless martial arts, God of War, which has expanded the territory of China, was blackened by various novels and film and television works, slowly withdrew from the stage of history, and gradually forgotten by people!

The original name of Su Dingfang was also Su Lie, who was from Wuyi County, Hebei Province, and was also an outstanding military and politician in the late Sui and early Tang dynasties. At the age of 15 years, he followed his father into battle and organized an armed self-defense war himself. He was quite brave and decisive. He was a well-known young hero. When his father died, the Sui Dynasty politics collapsed. The heroes of the road raced against the Central Plains, and Su Dingfang chose to go to Dou Jiande s account because of no service.

After Dou Jiande s death, Su Dingfang became a subordinate of Liu Heiwu s army, and helped him to attack the city slightly and repeatedly made great achievements. However, after Liu Hei s army was defeated by Li Tang, Su Dingfang chose to return to her hometown to retire until the early years of Zhenguan. At home, Su Dingfang was once again activated by the Tang Dynasty s central government, and worshiped the military strategist Li Jing as a master, followed his march to fight, and learned the strategy of military scripture.

Su Dingfang s life was a glorious record. He successively destroyed East Turkistan and West Turkistan, followed by the destruction of Baekje, stabilized Tubo, and galloped the territory for decades. He has made great contributions to the formation of the Chinese territory. A god of war level character has become a traitor in the eyes of the world, and it is heartbreaking!

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