Bai Qi can be called “killing the gods”, not only his military force, but more importantly, he also

A famous general and military strategist in ancient China. Bai Qi fought in the Six Kingdoms during King Qin Zhao s reign, and made great contributions to the unification of the Six Kingdoms. In the battle of Yizhe, the Wei and South Korean troops were defeated, and the city of Chu, the capital of the kingdom of Chu, was captured. The battle of Changping hit Zhao Guo s main force and made great achievements. Bai Qi is following Chinese history

He has four major combat characteristics: First, do not take the siege and land as the sole goal, but the idea of ​​annihilation warfare with the main purpose of annihilating the enemy s living force, and good at field attack, the battle must be annihilated. This is the most prominent feature of Bai Qi. He is the unparalleled commander in the history of war using siege tactics. It is also one of the military commanders who are very good at fighting annihilation in the history of Chinese war.

2. Emphasizing the pursuit of war for the purpose of annihilation, and chasing the enemy in a fierce pursuit, compared with Sun Wu s Poor Kou Do Not Chase and Shang Yang s Great Victory in the North, ( The Book of Merchants · Tenth Method of War ) Obviously go one step further.

Thirty-three, focus on warfare fortifications, first seduce the enemy forces out of the position, then build obstacles in the area expected to wipe out the enemy, and prevent its breakout. This kind of operational guiding ideology with fortifications as auxiliary aids was unprecedented at the time.

4. Precise calculations before the war. Regardless of the military, political, state of the country, or even the response measures of third parties, etc., both the enemy and us have accurate calculations. All can be achieved without war. · Vol 33 · Zhongshan ), so Ma Qian of Taishi Company praised Bai Qi as the combination of the enemy and the enemy.

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