Bei Qi Gao Yang can be said to be a promising emperor, but why did he suffer from schizophrenia in t

Northern Qiwen Xuan Emperor Gao Yang was born in 529, died in 559, was only 31 years old when he died, and was only ten years in office. As a founding emperor in history, Gao Yang has its own advantages. It can be said that Gao Yang ruled The early martial arts martial arts were quite outstanding, and adopted a series of positive policies, which made Beiqi quickly became strong. It can be said that it was a promising emperor, but in the later period of his rule, he was faint and violent. Historians once thought that he suffered from Schizophrenia.

In the early days of Gao Yang s reign, he could be said to be diligent and diligent in government affairs. In order to reduce the burden on the people, he actively cut government officials and rectified the government. Fearing nothing illegal, Gao Yang also actively organized migrant workers to build the Great Wall during farm leisure, which played a very good role in the stability of the frontier. All in all, from the early days of his administration, Gao Yang was a promising emperor, and he could be called a juvenile hero, because he was only in his twenties at this time.

However, in the later period of Gao Yang s administration, he didn t know what the reason was. He became grotesque and drunk all day, and became cruel. After drinking, he was happy to kill people, and countless people were killed by him. Gao Yang was in his own hall. Put a pot and a saw, get drunk, and enjoy killing. Gao Yang is always drunk, so he needs to keep killing people for pleasure. The palace eunuchs and relatives die every day under the anger of Gao Yang. Later, someone needs to provide Gao Yang with the object of slaughter. Death row prisoners are not enough. It can be seen that Gao Yang kills as many people as possible. It is no exaggeration that Gao Yang could be a hell on earth during his later administration. Gao Yang behaved like a lunatic. Therefore, many historians believe that Gao Yang may have suffered from schizophrenia in the later period of his administration, and Gao Yang is no longer a normal person.

Gao Yang was the founding emperor of Beiqi. He was born in 529 and died in 559. He was only 31 years old when he died. Gao Yang became emperor when he was 20 years old. It can be said that he was a young talent . Some positive measures have made politics clearer and people s lives more stable, but I dont know why the late period of the rule was addicted to alcohol and violent anomalies. It can be said that the two people are different from each other. Such a large contrast makes people suspect that Gao Yang is neurological.

I personally think that the reason why Gao Yang would judge the two during the short ten-year rule is likely to be a mental problem. Some historians have suggested that Gao Yang is probably suffering from schizophrenia. This is entirely possible from a lifetime experience. Gao Yang was born into a clan family of the Northern Wei Dynasty. His father, Gao Cheng, was the minister of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Gao Yang was already established as a Taiyuan father when he was seven years old, but Gao Yang has always been an object not to be taken seriously and humiliated by his brothers in his family. Because Gao Yang s family is full of handsome guys, many brothers are handsome and handsome, but Gao Yang is very ugly, so he is not liked by his father, and is often discriminated and humiliated by his brothers.

His elder brother Gao Cheng once said that if Gao Yang can also get rich, how to explain it? The third brother Gao Jun also said to him, Why not wipe the nose for the second brother? A low energy. And Gao Yang s parents dont pay much attention to Gao Yang. Because Gao Yang s personality is a bit introverted, he cant react verbally to these things, but even so, I think his heart must be very distressed, it s very possible It is also very low self-esteem, such a person must always want to find opportunities to let others recognize themselves. I think it is because he really wants others to admit himself that he has done so many things that eventually led to his madness.

What Gao Yang did in the later period cant be understood with normal people s mind. At the same time, Gao Yang s abnormal age is also the age of mental illness. So it s totally credible to say that he s mentally out of order, so many Everyone is asking if Bei Qi Gaoyang is neurotic? In fact, this is entirely possible.

Gao Yang was the founding emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty, known historically as Emperor Wenxuan, Gao Yang s father was the minister of the Northern Wei Dynasty, and the emperor was their family. Therefore, it can be said that the power is all over the world. I don t pay much attention. In addition, Gao Yang s personality is more introverted and he doesn t like to talk. Therefore, his own pressure can t be resolved, and problems may occur in the long run. Historians once said that Gao Yang was likely to suffer from schizophrenia.

Gao Yang became an emperor at the age of 20. It can be said that he was a teenager. He became an emperor in his early days and was diligent in court administration. He was a very good emperor, but later he didnt know why he became incredible tyrannical and obsessed with wine After drinking, I am happy to kill people. The palace maids, eunuchs, and even relatives are slightly unwilling to kill them with cruel methods. Drunk every day, insatiable, killing countless people. Gao Yang set up a cauldron on his own palace, and put a saw on it. Once he was unhappy, he put people into the cauldron to cook it, or saw it directly with a saw. There can be no reason for Gao Yang s killing. It can be said that Gao Yang in the later period of rule and his image in the early period distinguished them. In order to prevent Gao Yang from harming innocent people, he set up an official position for Gao Yang to provide a person for Gao Yang to kill. At first, he killed the prisoners. Later, the prisoner s were not enough, and he killed those prisoners in the interrogation.

Gao Yang s killing can be said to be regardless of the target. It is true for the court and for his loved ones. Gao Yang liked the queen s sister, so he teased the queen s sister in the presence of his husband , Prince Wei, and his wife. Later, in order to occupy the queen s sister, Yuan Aung was summoned into the palace and shot and killed, and then his wife was raped on Yuan Ling s hall. So Baiguan dare not marry Namei Se. Gao Yang s brothers Gao Jun and Gao Ling were also stabbed into meat by Gao Yang s brutal use of iron spears. There are countless things like indiscriminate killings.

Gao Yang drank alcohol all day long, and later reached the point of drinking and not eating, so he died soon, so it is also possible to say that Gao Yang was poisoned by drinking.

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