Carry out military education guidance in the new era and train new military talents

All military academy chiefs held training classes on the morning of the 27th at the National Defense University. The General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the State President, and President Xi attended the opening ceremony and delivered important speeches. President Xi s important speech aroused warm response in the army.

The majority of officers and soldiers stated that President Xi stood at the height of the era s development and strategic overall, scientifically answered a series of fundamental and directional questions with regard to the construction of colleges and universities and the training of talents. He clearly put forward a new era of military education policy and comprehensively deepened military colleges Major arrangements have been made to reform and improve the ability of colleges and universities to run schools, provide scientific guidelines and fundamental guidelines for creating a new situation in college education and talent training , and will definitely start a new historical journey in military education, bringing together a strong army of talents. power.

After listening to President Xis important speech on the spot, Zhao Tianxiang, president of the Army Artillery Air Defense College, said that we must position the school well, strengthen the construction of disciplines and specialties, build a high-level faculty, improve the supporting mechanism, and promote the university at a new starting point. Education and personnel training have reached a new level. Li Xiaolong, a instructor of a brigade of the 71st Army Brigade, said that President Xi s 45-word new-era military education policy provided fundamental guidance for military academies on who should train, how to train, and for whom.

Naval University of Aeronautics is the cradle of carrier-based aircraft personnel training. President Wang Tianlin said that we must adhere to the correct political direction, stand up to people, persist in educating people for war, adhere to integrated layout, adhere to connotative development , and grasp the transformation and reorganization of universities Opportunities, optimize the discipline and professional system for the armed forces, build a curriculum and teaching system that highlights military applications, build a team of educated teachers, improve intensive supporting teaching conditions, speed up the growth and training of carrier-based aircraft flight personnel, and build a first-class university And a first-class army.

Zhang Fengming, president of the Air Force Engineering University, said that we must thoroughly understand the spiritual connotation of Chairman Xi s important speech, in order to give up our responsibilities and the spirit of reform, and implement the new era military education policy into the specific practice of running schools To build well-educated colleges and universities to train talents, and to provide strong intellectual support and talent support for military development.

Army Pu Junli, commander of an anti-chemical brigade of the Army in the western theater, said that we must build people with morality, educate people for war, and cultivate high-quality, professional new military talents with both talents and talents. The military education policy of the new era is the basic observance of military education. It must be comprehensively and accurately learned and implemented without wavering.

Academic education is the main channel for personnel training in our army, and it has a basic, leading, and global role. Li Hua, President of the Rocket Army Engineering University, said that we will fully implement the military education policy of the new era , adhere to the three orientations, continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching, keep up with the pace of the Rocket Army s strategic transformation and development, build a major in war disciplines, and teach urgent content, Practice the practical skills of warfare, and provide strong personnel and intellectual support for the cause of a strong military.

Zheng Yunhua, director of the Education and Training Department of the National Defense University, said that implementing the military education policy of the new era has a bearing on the direction and overall situation of military education and personnel training in the new era. We must adhere to the correct political direction, implement the requirements of political army building into all the practice of military education, and ensure that the gun is always in the hands of the party s loyal and reliable people. We must persist in educating people for war, teaching what is needed in war, and what the army needs. Just practice what you want to make sure that the people you cultivate can win the modern war.

京 Wang Jingwu, dean of the School of International Relations of the National University of Defense Technology, said that President Xi s important speech is rich in content and profound in thinking, and it is the fundamental observance of the construction and development of military colleges and universities. We must resolutely implement the policy of military education in the new era, adhere to the correct direction of running schools, actively explore the characteristics and laws of military education and the development of colleges and universities, and proactively break through the contradictions and difficulties in the transformation and upgrading of colleges and universities in order to achieve the party s goal of strengthening the army in the new era Make your due contribution.

Chen Fuping, president of the Armed Police Engineering University, said that the president of the university must be political, understand education, drill wars, be good at management, be strict in self-discipline, be an expert in running a school, and help trainees to buckle the first button of their military career and cultivate firmness. Banner, qualified successor.

The majority of faculty and staff of the Army Engineering University believe in the study and discussion that they must give full play to their professional and academic advantages, take the lead in researching military affairs, research wars, and research wars, and promote research, teaching , and study wars in colleges and universities. Educating people in place, and strive to train a group of well-known teachers who know modern warfare.

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