China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Internet Industry

On November 19, the 8th China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Internet industry finals opened in the future science and Technology City in the west of Hangzhou. This year is also the fifth consecutive year for Zhejiang Province to host the Internet industry finals.
There are 248 enterprises and more than 300 competitors selected from 37 provincial competition areas nationwide, including 11 enterprises from Zhejiang competition area. In the next three days, they will show the latest technology and application achievements of the Internet industry.
In the Internet industry finals, the virtual hacker robot vackbot, Kaka youth artificial intelligence programming education, VR live broadcast technology based on Mr theater, full-text retrieval file management system based on python, 5g cold storage server & chip module technology service provider, block chain based distributed file storage system UDFs, full-automatic charging system for unmanned vehicles are gathered Excellent projects such as health insurance control engine based on AI Artificial Intelligence.
At the opening ceremony, Zhang Mu, deputy director of the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology, said, “Zhejiang is the fifth time to host the Internet industry finals of China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition. This year’s competition is scheduled to be held in dream town, the holy land of Internet entrepreneurship. I hope that participating teams from all over the country can experience the strong atmosphere of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship in Hangzhou and further stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship And motivation. ”
Zhang Yiwen, deputy director general of the science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, said that Zhejiang is speeding up the construction of a national digital economy demonstration Province, injecting new momentum into leading the upgrading of Zhejiang’s economy, and a large number of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises have sprung up. The Internet industry has a strong foundation and a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, bringing together the torrent of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society, providing a powerful force for stabilizing employment, promoting innovation and increasing momentum Support.
As the host of this competition, Hangzhou West science and technology innovation corridor is committed to building a world leading information economy science and technology innovation center, and building into an international level innovation community, a national science and technology innovation source and the main engine of Zhejiang innovation and development. After more than three years of construction, it has become one of the most concentrated areas of innovation elements and resources in Hangzhou and even the whole province.
China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition is a national innovation and entrepreneurship competition guided by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education, the central Internet information office and the all China Federation of industry and commerce. The competition is divided into six major industry competitions, including biomedicine, electronic information, advanced manufacturing, new materials, Internet, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection.
According to the organizer of the competition, the Internet industry finals are supported by a variety of entrepreneurship and innovation activities, which are three-dimensional, all-round and multi-level to assist the innovation and development of participating enterprises in the direction of science and technology finance, sharing training, resource integration, business consulting, etc.
At the opening ceremony, Li Xiaoqiang, general manager of China Internet investment fund, Zhu Hong, CTO of Alibaba pin, Ruan Liang, vice president of Netease (Hangzhou) and general manager of Netease smart enterprise department, and Xu Jiajia, general manager of Zhejiang iFLYTEK Smart Technology Co., Ltd. also delivered keynote speeches.
During the competition, the participating enterprises will also participate in a series of activities such as “embracing the Internet, sensing the future”, visiting the Internet + Artificial Intelligence Summit, issuing innovative needs of large enterprises, docking the big enterprises, giving lectures on public welfare, and creating a series of entrepreneurial heroes.
The head of the Organizing Committee of the competition said that he hoped to take advantage of the opportunity of the finals and a series of activities to make in-depth connection with Hangzhou’s innovation resources, gather more innovation and entrepreneurship resources for Hangzhou, and form a good situation of open innovation and win-win cooperation.

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