China’s military spending ranks first in Asia: 382 billion is still behind the US military!

When it comes to military expenditures, it is essential for every military country. Whether it is self-research or procurement of weapons from other countries, or to protect the lives of soldiers, to upgrade national defense strength must continue to invest in military spending. In the past few years, China s military expenditures can be said to be quite controversial. The West believes that the continuous increase in China s military expenditures has led to the rise of military expenditures throughout Asia. So what is the real situation?

According to the latest military expenditure rankings published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in Sweden, the world s total military expenditure last year was as high as US $ 1.739 trillion, and the United States regained the top position in the world with US $ 610 billion, while China ranked second in the world with US $ 228 billion and Asia the first. Following China are Saudi Arabia at $ 69 billion, Russia at $ 66.3 billion, and India at $ 63.9 billion. India is also the first country to surpass France and ranks fifth in the world for military expenditures, which makes people see India s determination in military building.

It is not difficult to see that the military expenditures in the Middle East and Asia actually show a clear upward trend. Of course, this is a military hotspot in the Middle East. It is inseparable from successive years of war. The Russian side is subject to Western sanctions and the oil price is erratic. Putin wanted to Increasing military spending appears to be somewhat helpless. In this way, China s military spending growth seems to have been pushed to the top of the cusp. The United States-led Western has accused China s military spending of driving the surge in military spending throughout Asia, which makes people very restless.

I should know that according to international consensus, it is normal that military expenditure does not exceed 4% of GDP, while China s military expenditure is basically maintained at about 1.6%, but it is still to be criticized. Is there any logic? China s military expenditure has remained at a low level for many years. Now the national economy has improved, and it has been appropriately adjusted to cope with the changing international situation. However, it is really annoying to be accused of promoting an arms race without any reason. So the United States, the first to speak out, why Seeing that their military expenditures are sufficiently higher than China s 382 billion US dollars, China and later Saudi Arabia, Russia and India may also be inferior to them. Who will drive military expenditures up?

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