Chinese military responds to ASEAN military exercises: contribute to peace

At the regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense on the afternoon of November 28, the Deputy Director of the Ministry of National Defense Information Bureau and the Ministry of National Defense spokesman Ren Guoqiang took the initiative to release a news about the ASEAN Defense Ministers Expansion Meeting and counter-terrorism actual military exercises.

Relevant information on the expansion of the ASEAN Defense Ministers meeting and counter-terrorism exercises. This month, military exchanges and cooperation under the framework of the ASEAN Defense Ministers Expansion Conference were relatively active and intensive. From November 17th to 18th, the 10th China-ASEAN Defense Ministers Informal Meeting (10 + 1) and the 6th ASEAN Defense Ministers Enlargement Meeting (10 + 8) were successively held in Bangkok, Thailand. From November 9th to 22nd, the ASEAN Defense Ministers Expansion Conference counter-terrorism expert group actual soldier exercise was held in Guilin, Guangxi, China. Conference venues and training venues echo each other and complement each other, showing the characteristics of consensus-led action and action to promote security, reflecting the active and deepening security cooperation under the framework of the ASEAN Defense Ministers Expanded Conference in recent years. Specifically, there are three characteris tics: First, strategic communication leads to pragmatic cooperation. The ASEAN Defense Ministers Enlargement Conference is currently the highest-level and largest defense security dialogue and cooperation mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, the 10 ASEAN countries have strengthened strategic communication with 8 dialogue partners, including China, and continued to deepen pragmatic cooperation in the areas of counter-terrorism, maritime security, disaster relief, and cyber security, forming a working situation with high-level consensus and action at the grassroots level.. Second , military action supports political consensus. The actual military exercise carried out the important consensus of cooperating to meet security challenges and jointly maintain regional peace. The scale of the exercise and the degree of actual combat were the highest in history. More than 10 officers and soldiers from 10 ASEAN countries and 8 participating teams participated in the exercise. Ru ssia and other countries sent high-level observation missions. The exercises focused on combating subjects such as anti-hijacking of cities, seizing control points, and clearing camps, improving the ability to jointly maintain regional security. Third, the new security concept leads a new path to security. We adhere to the new security concept of common, comprehensive, cooperation, and sustainability, and have provided China s wisdom and solutions for uniting consensus, resolving differences, safeguarding interests, and protecting peace. The theme of the ASEAN Defense Ministers Expanded Conference is sustainable security, and the ideas of both sides coincide. The ASEAN Defense Ministers Expansion Conference and the counter-terrorism exercises were held for the first time in the same period, which further deepened mutual trust, improved capabilities, and produced the combined effect of 1 + 12. The successful holding of these two events further shows that cooperation requires the join t efforts of all parties, and confrontation can only be provoked unilaterally. As long as everyone goes against each other and contributes to peace instead of disruption, there is no worries for the present and the future is promising.

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