Do you know the god of war “without moving the knife”? Thousands of troops avoid the white robe

When you mention God of War, who do you think of? There are many excellent wars in Chinese history. Count down the history that everyone knows well. In addition to the warriors who have a vertical and horizontal battlefield, Confucian generals in history are not a minority, such as

Confucianism will seem to be the goal of life for Chinese men since ancient times. Wen Neng Jing Cai ruled the world, Wu Neng Anbang settled the country. To say that the horseman can fight, the horseman who can rule under the horse, in addition to everyone familiar with Zhou Yu, Chen Qingzhi is also worthy of one.

庆 Chen Qingzhi came from a humble door, and when he first entered the government, he was only a secretary of Emperor Liang Wu and was quite trusted. Although he was trusted by the emperor, Chen Qingzhi did not become a big official. At least most of his life was obscure. He has a life span of more than fifty years, and for the first forty years, he has only been a knife-and-pencil official.

庆 In the first forty years, Chen Qingzhi has always stood by Emperor Liang Wudi, and he has been down-to-earth in his work. So that Emperor Wu later found that every time he called, Chen Qingzhi called, and he could n t help but asked him: “Every time you are on duty outside, arent you sleepy?” Chen Qingzhi replied: “The duty is official. Sleeping is a private matter, and officials dare not pay for private expenses. Liang Wudi praised Chen Qingzhi, and Chen Qingzhi stood out among many staff members.

We said that we must choose people, look at attitudes in daily work, and look at abilities in key tasks, so a young man must adhere to the principle of building a good image in daily work and showing the level of key tasks in order to obtain career opportunities. At that time, there were many civilian officials in Nanliang. Chen Qingzhi designed his profession very accurately. He was not content with serving as a civil servant like a secretary beside the emperor, but actively demanded that he go out to lead soldiers to fight and establish meritorious service.

Friends who are familiar with history know that Liang Wudi Xiao Yan is indeed a somewhat absurd master. His biggest hobby is going to be a monk! Then see how the ministers took the trouble to redeem him! Of course, Chen Qingzhi still does not have this hobby. But Chen Qingzhi loves chess, so does Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan, the emperor, was particularly mentally capable and could play chess for days and nights. Basically no one can accompany him except Chen Qingzhi. Therefore, the friendship between them was probably cultivated in chess all night.

Although Xiao Yan is a bit unreliable, Xiao Yan is still a decent person. He did not promote him because he had a good personal relationship with Chen Qingzhi! After all, his job in the end was just writing. However, it is good to have a good personal relationship with the boss! Considering that there has not been much development in the word work. Finally, one day, Xiao Yan caught up with the happy event of going to the ceremony of surrender. He felt that it was time to pull out a little companion! Xiao Yan did not hesitate to give this errand to Chen Qingzhi and gave him the title of a general. At this time, Chen Qingzhi was in his forties, and had followed Liang Wudi for more than 20 years. He finally stepped into the army from the job of a secretary.

In October of the second year of Wu Datong (528), in order to brave the general, Wei Beihai Wang Yuanhao who was ordered to escort the drop beam returned. In April of the following year, from Xu County (now southwest of Suzhou) to Liang Guo (now south of Shangqiu County, Henan), he defeated Wei Jiangqiu, who had 70,000 soldiers and 9 rejecting bases. Xuan Yu Kaocheng (now Henan Civil Rights Northeast) defeated Wei Jiangyuan Huiye by 20,000. In May, he led troops westward, pulling two cities, Liyang and Hu ao, escorting Yuan Hao into Luoyang (now northeast of Luoyang). Chen Qingzhi took thousands of people and took 32 cities, the Megatron Central Plains.

What Chen Qing couldn t imagine was that the surrender this time was the beginning of his military career. If it hadn t been for this surrender ceremony, he wouldn t know he still had this skill. Generally the surrender is decent. How can anyone still fight if everyone else has surrendered! But to everyone s surprise, Chen Qingzhi had just received soldiers, and the soldiers were overwhelmed.

Puppet secretary Chen Qingzhi was very calm. He seems to be familiar with such a general, he did not run, nor surrendered. Decisively decided to go to war with the other party! The result was that Chen Qingzhi s Ceremonial Guards led the army and killed the enemy. With this sudden test, Chen Qingzhi firmly believed in himself, and he could definitely take this militarization path!

Later, Northern Wei general Er Zhu Rong had the power, and Northern Wei imperial family Yuan Hao called on Emperor Liang Wu for help. Emperor Liang Wudi would like to help, not very willing! Do not help and feel uninteresting! Let Chen Qingzhi lead the army to send him back. You think so. Can you send thousands of people to fight? Meaning, you go back, I have no time to care about your affairs, I have to sell yourself! I dont know if it is Chen Qingzhi who did not understand the meaning of Emperor Liang Wu, or this person Mindfulness, anyway, this walk completes his eternal reputation. With the seven thousand white robes running across the Northern Wei Dynasty, Er Zhurong s hundreds of thousands of troops were defeated by the weak scholar who was struggling with horsemanship. There was a nursery rhyme of the famous teacher general, Mo Zibao, and thousands of soldiers avoiding white robes.

He led an army of 7,000 troops to the North Expedition, Kluoyang, taking 32 cities, as if opened a plug-in existence. The following flood struck, not only engulfing the white robe army, but also the life like Chen Qingzhi s hanging , why the change was so great, it was Jiang Lang who did it, or there was another secret, and listened to the editor slowly.

Of course, there is no plug-in available for Chen Qingzhi s Northern Expedition to the Northern Wei Dynasty. Although Er Zhurong supported Emperor Xiaozhuang and had power, he first fought against six rebels in Gezhen, which claims to be 200,000 in Hebei , and broke through Xing Yu in Hebei. Ugly slaves and other people are entangled, they really can not care about Chen Qingzhi. In addition, the only reliable force that Er Zhu Rong can mobilize is the Er Zhu tribe of Xiu Rongchuan. The armed forces of Central Plains and Hebei are in a circle and wait and see. The entire regime is almost beheaded and paralyzed. In this historical opportunity, under the leadership of Yuan Hao s banner, Chen Qingzhi attacked, attacked, defeated, and defeated invincible . At the same time, Chen Qingzhi s glory was created.

Ye Shi also died. As Yuan Hao defeated and captured, Heaven seemed to leave him. A flood not only swallowed up the White Robe Army, but also swallowed Chen Qingzhi s glory. Throughout his life, he may be summed up as having the advantage and not using it . In the first half of his life, he only saw one aspect of his own, but did not find the real talent and the place to use it. What you have is only to provide you with the foundation , and what you really play is derived from these. What you see may not be your current choice, because he is only the foundation and motivation.

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