Eternal Emperor Emperor Kangxi’s romantic past: 30 people congratulated on the night

At present, there is still a record that no one has broken. Emperor Kangxi summoned the thirty concubines overnight. This record can make all the obscene emperors in history ashamed! This record is not fabricated, there is a history to check, the following article details.

Like the emperors of all dynasties, Ji Kangxi not only expected his immortality, but also hoped that he would always have a strong sexual desire, in order to control the concubine concubine, and to pursue sensuality. While taking the so-called elixir of elixir, he also searched for aphrodisiac, and fortunately looked at the beauty of the harem. (His son Yongzheng is also a master of taking)

According to the record of Kangxi written by Bi Xi during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, The emperor himself is the emperor, with good inside news; established, delayed by wine color. Story, 嫔 妾 进 御, morning 诣 合 门谢恩, the master wrote Moon day. At the beginning of the emperor, there were more than thirty gratitudes a day. This means that Kangxi became famous as an emperor. This is still the case after old age. According to the old example in the palace, if the princess was called to accompany the emperor to sleep at night, the next morning, he would go to Hemen to thank the emperor for his grace. The eunuch in charge recorded the date of the fortune, and one day he went to the palace where Hemen thanked him. There are more than thirty concubines. Historians in this field learned that Kangxi had super strong sexual abilities, and even called more than thirty concubines a night. (On this issue, Yan Chongnian from the Manchurian Society spoke on CCTV)

Ji Kangxi was the emperor in his mid-term as the emperor, the age when he had the strongest sexual desire in his life. Since the emperor had the privilege of having sexual relations with any woman, the harem was full of beauty, and Kangxi , who had obtained this power, was naturally overjoyed and would not miss every spring evening. It can be said that the Spring Festival Lantern Festival is worth a lot of money! Therefore, Kangxi summoned more than thirty concubines a night is quite credible. But there are also some doubts. Based on the twelve-hour night and thirty concubines, the average time of Kangxi and concubine going to bed once is twenty-four minutes. In such a short period of time, Kangxi could not complete this turn of luck in a natural physiological state. Therefore, the historians believe that Kangxi could not be so powerful in bed without the aid of drugs.

So what kind of medicine did Kangxi use? Undoubtedly, it is definitely an aphrodisiac! Although there is no record of this aspect in the historical materials about Kangxi, the conjecture of the historical circles will not be groundless.

古 Man Many ancient Chinese emperors did not abide by the ancient system and expanded their harem at will. Because there are so many objects that the emperor can have sex with, it is conceivable that aphrodisiac is widely popular in the palace. Some Fang Warlocks even made it into desserts and fruits for the king s convenience. In the Qixia Pavilion Wild Ride by the famous literati Sun Jingxuan, a story about Chinese medicine found in the Yuanmingyuan is a testament to the popularity of aphrodisiac in the palace.

Ancient Emperors of ancient China can say that everyone likes to take it and rely on it to enhance their sexual desire, so that they can call the concubine of the Fortunate Harem anytime, anywhere. So Kangxi is no exception!

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