Hongda Group won the 2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Enterprise Award

The 2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility Summit Forum and the 9th China Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Ceremony were held in Beijing. The Group won the 2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility and Enterprise Award. This is the ninth time that HTC Group has won this award. At the same time, Sichuan Trust Poverty Alleviation Project 2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility Excellent Case Library.
Heavyweight guests from Tencent, Baidu, China Construction Bank, Country Garden and other model companies, as well as industry associations, colleges, non-profit organizations, well-known media and other institutions gathered at the scene and shared the theme of “Responsibility to build the future of the enterprise”. Explore. Liu Deshan, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group, director and vice president of the board of directors, attended the forum.
The China Corporate Social Responsibility Award, initiated by the Public Welfare Times, has been successfully held for nine sessions since its inception in 2011. The 2019 annual event was launched in August. The participating companies cover a wide range of industries including Internet, technology, finance, energy, daily chemicals, medical care, education, automotive, tourism, entertainment, services, and real estate.
In order to present the development status of China’s corporate social responsibility field, summarize the development trend of corporate social responsibility, and look forward to the development trend of corporate social responsibility. Based on the analysis of 110 projects of 91 enterprises, the forum released the 2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility Year. Observation report.
After a rigorous review, the forum on-site commended the “annual, enterprise”, “annual, project” in the field of corporate social responsibility.
Hongda Group, Easy Fund, Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., Daaicheng Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Longguang Group Holdings Co., Ltd., Chuanhua Group, Country Garden Group, China Youth Travel Holdings Co., Ltd., Xinao Group, Emperor Group, etc. 10 The company was named the annual Chinese corporate social responsibility, enterprise.
Tencent’s “99 Public Welfare Day”, Baidu’s “Baidu AI Hunter”, China Construction Bank’s “Labor Harbor”, Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd.’s “Iqiyi Social Responsibility” Light and Shadow Power Growth Plan – 2019′ “11 projects were rated as annual social enterprise responsibility, projects.
The Sichuan Trust “Poverty Family Income Growth Incentive Program” and the Sichuan University Confucius Education Foundation “Xichang Greenery School Confucius School Women’s Class Project” and other 36 corporate social responsibility projects were selected in the 2019 China Corporate Social Responsibility Excellent Case Library.
Since its establishment 40 years ago, HTC Group has been adhering to the corporate mission of “Hongzhi Longteng Bohai, Dazhe and Good World”. While promoting the sustainable and healthy scientific development of the company, it has implemented strategic social responsibility management led by the scientific concept of wealth and actively participated in the glorious charity. Career and social donation, strive to establish a good corporate citizenship image and achieve the harmonious development of the company and society. He has accumulated more than 800 million yuan in new rural construction, glory, aid to Tibet, aiding the revolutionary old district, red ribbon, helping young entrepreneurs, donating money, and improving poverty alleviation.

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