How romantic is Yuan Shikai’s life? Why even the North Korean princess loved him?

There is a wife and nine aunts (auntie wife) in her life. Among them, the second aunt, the third aunt, and the fourth aunt are all North Koreans. The third aunt is the most prominent, and she is the cousin of the Korean royal family and the princess Min. Before answering this question, first briefly explain why Yuan Shikai was able to marry the wife of this aunt.

In the eighth year of Guangxu (1882 AD), civil strife broke out in North Korea. The father of King Lee Hee s father, Xingxuan Courtyard, was rebelled. At the invitation of North Korean princess Min, the Qing court sent troops into the peace. Yuan Shikai followed Wu Changqing s troops to North Korea, seduced the court monarch, re-supported King Li Xi, and successfully quelled the mutiny. Yuan Shikai made his first contribution for serious military management, well-planned, aggressive and aggressive , and was also praised by King Li Xi. He was appointed Prime Minister s Office and will handle North Korean defense. Yuan Shikai in 1884 It has been named as the Prime Minister in North Korea in negotiating business affairs , which can be described as a high weight. In addition, Li Xi married Princess Shi s cousin, Jin Shi, to Yuan Shikai.

Kim s background is from the Korean royal family, and he is white and beautiful. He has long dark hair. He was expecting to be Yuan Shikai s main room. As a result, he became an aunt, and what disappointed him is that her The two dowry Lis and Wus were also watched by Yuan Shikai at the same time, so they were sealed together as Mrs. Yuan Shikai. According to the age, Yuan Shikai also placed the dowry Li in front of Jin and became the second aunt, while Jin became three Auntie. This series of blows made Jin, who was only 16 years old, sad. Since then, she has become depressed and moody. King Shi gave birth to five children in total, and the second son, Yuan Kewen, was adopted by Yuan Shikai to give birth to the unborn aunt, Tai Shen, who could only dare to be angry.

Yuan Shikai s most beloved wife is Auntie Wu and Auntie Wu. So why did Auntie Jin kill herself within a few hours after Yuan Shikai s death? In fact, instead of saying that Auntie San was too much love, Yuan Shikai s death was Her last thoughts on birth were also lost. The above aunt three was often distressed and weird when she married Yuan Shikai. In addition, she was also abused by her aunt. Her daughter Yuan Jingxue (formerly known as Yuan Shukai) mentioned in the book My Father Yuan Shikai that Jin The day before she died, she told Yuan Kewen two things. The first thing was that she was abused by her auntie soon after she passed through the door. The second thing was that her parents saw her as her third auntie. Sad and angry, his mother committed suicide immediately, and a few days later his father died of vomiting blood due to excessive sadness. The depression and pain of Qu Aunt San, the death of her parents, and the abuse of her aunt made her desperate fo r the world of life. After Yuan Shikai s death, because Yuan was very good at handling the relationship with his wife and concubines, she still had a bit of sustenance. Yuan Shikai s death was a heavy blow to her and it was the reason she chose to swallow gold to commit suicide.

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