In some ways, it can polish China’s current military strength is ranking or strength?

In recent years, with the rapid growth of China s economy and the continuous improvement of its global status, China s military strength ranks third in the world. Therefore, some Western countries, including the United States, have begun to look at the Peoples Liberation Army with a more sensitive eye Modernization.

Since the founding of New China, we have not only possessed the H-bomb, but also various Dongfeng series missiles. In recent years, we have launched a variety of new surface ships, especially the launch of domestic aircraft carriers this year and the service of the J-20 heavy fighter. It can be seen that in recent years, China s military forces are steadily advancing.

Do you know why the United States can dominate the world? One of the important reasons is that the US military has 13 aircraft carriers, which exceeds the total number of existing aircraft carriers in various countries in the world. Although there are many US aircraft carriers , China has two missiles known as carrier killers.

One is Dongfeng-21D medium-range ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers, and the other is Dongfeng-26 medium-range ballistic missile with a range of 4000 to 5000 kilometers. So we can proudly say, Chinese missiles can hit any aircraft carrier.

But can you tell from the ranking that China s military strength is improving? This can be used as a reference, because the ranking is derived from military technology, military scale, economic strength, nuclear weapons, military industry, etc., it is undoubted that China s military strength ranks third in the world, but now there are many places in our country To develop, but I believe China will realize the dream of a strong country and a strong army.

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