In “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” Zhuge Liang couldn’t wash the white how to wash, because of

The gentleman once said the Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Zhuge Liang s wisdom is close to the demon. However, no matter how the Romance of the Three Kingdoms deified Zhuge Liang, the two wrong things he did can never be erased! What are these two??

Zhu Maliang is Zhuge Liang s number one conspirator. He is well versed in warfare and resourcefulness. He has made many plans for Zhuge Liang and won Zhuge Liang s attention. Zhuge Liang s seven captures and seven verticals were conquered by Meng Nanzhong , which was implemented in accordance with Ma s plan of giving heart first . It is no exaggeration to call Ma Zhu s left arm and right arm. However, Ma Biao had no battlefield experience. Liu Bei had only reminded Zhuge Liang that the horse was exaggerated, but Zhuge Liang promoted him to become the general in the street pavilion, which directly led to the failure of the first Northern Expedition, surrendered to Nan an and Tianshui. 3, Anding County was once again withdrawn by Cao Wei, wasting resources and manpower. This cannot be erased in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Zhuge Liang is a man who is seeking perfection, the person who is most accustomed to disloyalty, especially those like Wei Yan who killed the old master and surrendered. Zhuge Liang thinks that he is born with anti-bone, so he is very uneasy about him. Before Zhuge Liang s death, he deliberately handed over military power to Yang Yi, who was incompatible with Wei Yan, and successfully forced Wei Yan to kill. However, when Wei Yan reached the end of his last journey, he did not oppose Shu to surrender Wei. We can see that Zhuge Liang was wronged by Wei Yan. Zhuge Liang s forcible killing of Wei Yan directly led to the decline of Xishu in the later period. Jiang Wei, a slightly general, was too junior and had too low rights, which ultimately failed to keep Xishu. No matter how the Romance of the Three Kingdoms deified Zhuge Liang, the blame for forcing Wei Yan to death cannot be escaped.

It can be seen that no one is perfect, that is, Zhuge Liang s almost spotless elder famous figure, but also some indelible faults. The two major crimes of wrongly using Ma Ma and forcing Wei Yan to blame Zhu Geliang cannot escape, Three Kingdoms You can t wash white even if you wash it!

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