Incredible cultural phenomena of Chinese talents

The first is that everyone does not line up! Many places in China, especially some second- and third-tier cities, do not have the habit of queuing. Everywhere you need to line up is surrounded by a lot of people. You can t tell at all what is head and tail.

There is also oppression of women, preference for men. Looking at the current female Durban, you know the dross of traditional Chinese culture, and promote the dross under the banner of the classic Chinese studies. Let some disobedient women wash the toilet with their hands and fight against their husbands or scold them. It struck me as a child who lived in a family of equal gender since I was young.

There is also underworld marriage. I can t think of a culture that is more gruesome and gruesome than traditional creepy marriage and funeral. Imagine two dead couples entering the cave house, double happiness on the black and white background, people still toasting with the wind, and after the marriage into the cave house Add a couple of funerals to the funeral.

I don t know how such a spooky and horrible culture has spread for so many years? Just for that little bit of filial piety? It s true that this kind of filial piety is really chilling to the bones. The two newcomers have never seen each other underground. Really the same thing has been passed down for so many years, this weird traditional culture that should have been completely annihilated in human civilization has passed down to the present.

I hope that everyone will see this kind of thing in the future and report it immediately! A kind of traditional culture that is rotten to the bones is even more creepy than the three and four virtues, and it also makes people feel rotten! I don t think that all Chinese culture should be passed down. Everything doesn t conform to the old ideas of the present society, and all the dross should be corrected.

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