Is there some traditional cultural custom in China that is disappearing or has disappeared?

Tradition will disappear, in fact, it is basically because they can not survive. But these old artists really like traditional craftsmanship and have loved them for a lifetime, hoping to pass on the craftsmanship.

Speaking of disappearing, take one for example.

The dragon and phoenix flower candle is a long-established Han folk craft. In traditional Chinese wedding customs, lighting candles is an essential link. Huazhu usually consists of dragons, phoenixes and flowers. It represents the good wishes of dragons and phoenixes. Therefore, this kind of flower candle specially used for wedding is called Dragon and Phoenix flower candle. The Jiaxing Dragon and Phoenix flower candle making technique has been invented by Cheng Shouqi since the end of the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty and passed directly to his granddaughter Cheng Guohua. Because of his colorful flower candle, which is suitable for festive occasions, he is welcomed by people.

▷▷ Clicking on this pair of candles is considered a formal couple.

We all know that in traditional Chinese marriage customs, lighting candles is an indispensable part. Today, this practice is still maintained in some areas, but the current candle is no longer the original style, but a simple red candle instead.

Ancient On the wedding night in ancient China, people worshiped a pair of red candles until dawn, and the candle wick was cut over and over again, praying for a long-term love between husband and wife. It is this pair of red candles that ignites the newcomer s longing for a happy life.

What we call the dongfanghuaxiang also starts here. Pairs of red candles, dragons and phoenixes are facing up, and swaying candlelights, on this quiet night, whisper a breath of anger …

Before meeting him, our knowledge of this craft only stayed on its exquisite appearance.

Films taken a few years ago were short and long. I still remember the early days of filming, and Cao Hairong called several times, strongly expressing we must come to film you. From the scarce written materials on the Internet, it seems that the dragon and phoenix flower candle is a very worthy subject, and strong intuition tells us that the story behind the Cheng and his family s dragon and phoenix flower candle is definitely more exciting than we have seen in front of people.

The Jiaxing Dragon and Phoenix Flower Candle was born in Xinjing Town, Jiaxing City. The native Xinyi people should know that there was a shop in the first generation of Xinyin Guanyinqiao, called Longxiang Flower Candle Shop. Its founder Cheng Shouqi is Cao Hairong s great-grandfather. From the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century, the Longxiang Flower Candle Shop was extremely glorious, and people from Suzhou, Shanghai, Huzhou and other places around Jiaxing attracted a lot of people to buy, including the famous Shanghai tycoon Golden Rong at the time.

After Cheng Shouqi founded the dragon and phoenix flower candle, he later created life candle and year candle. At that time, Jinrong Rong specially dispatched people to order birthday candles. The blessings, lu, and birthday (Samsung Gao Zhao) on the pair of extra large candles were specially made with molds.

When the dragon and phoenix candle passed to Cao Hairong s father, Cao Shihao, it was very popular. Cao Hairong said, Because of the good business, we must do it every night, and when there are many people, we must say hello one month in advance. In order to expand sales and save time and cost, His father also launched wholesale sales, which was not in Cheng Shouqi s time. He also told us that there are a few complete comic books kept at home so far, which are all for the customers who come to the store to spend time looking at the candles.

The era of Huandu couples is over.

On the way to the turning point, I chatted with Cao Hairong all the way. He was about the same age as my father, but his hair was mostly gray. My ancestor was a big family, my maternal grandmother was Miss Guanzheng s family, was born Shuxiangmen. So at that time the family was very solid, and the dowry of Guangguang s dowry can be imagined. But last year, he was compelled to do so. He sold a few pieces of old furniture that Zu had uploaded. This was done to collect money to buy a wedding room for his son. We all feel that this is cutting meat. We have been with four generations of objects. One less thing is gone.

At this time, you might think, Generations have been making candlesticks for a few generations, is there no family at all?

After the death of Cao Hairong s father in the late 1980s, the Longxiang Flower Candle Store closed for a short time. A few years later, Cao Hairong received his mother Cheng Guohua to live in Jiaxing city. After moving to the city, basically no one knew that the Cheng family had this craft. Slowly, the dragon and phoenix candle faded out of sight.

It is not so much Cao Shihao s death that ended the era of the dragon and phoenix, in fact, we are more aware of the causes, because the change of the times has led to the emergence of a multicultural culture, we no longer need it.

Decline, it seems to be an iron affair.

The day On the day of the shooting, we learned that Cao Hairong s mother died in December. When Cheng Guohua was alive, there were apprentices and apprentices, but the text of the Eight Classics followed, and Cao Hairong was the only heir.

Now, almost no one comes to buy dragon and phoenix candles. You have to rely on this, and now there is no way to survive. Cao Hairong s calmness revealed in resignation surprised us. Perhaps from the moment he stepped out of Xintuo Town, he accepted the reality.

Today, Cao Hairong s main business is the staff of Jiaxing No. 1 Police Station. He works 24 hours a day and takes a break. There is not much time to make a candlestick, and for decades, such as holding a meager salary , there are also some difficulties in the economy.

Nine dragons and phoenix flower candles have a long production cycle and are not easy to transport and save. It is rare for someone to find a pair and want to use it for collection. However, the current production conditions of this craft cannot be permanently saved . Because of this skill, you can t live on it. What use is it for your young people to learn? Now it sa market economy. You don t have this market. If you want to live on it, it definitely won t work.

When I was leaving, we went to the Nanhu District Cultural Center, which also kept two pairs of candles made by Cao Hairong s mother. The staff of the Cultural Museum told us that after the filming this time, the two pairs will be dealt with. The candles that have been on display for nearly two years have melted and deformed the wax body, and the decorations on them are almost destroyed.

We don t know when the dragon and phoenix candlesticks will last.

The people who came in and out of the Longxiang Flower Candle Store at the time brought a beautiful blessing. Where do they live now? How is your life? Do you remember the pair of dragon and phoenix candlesticks you made in the past? With the fading of traditional weddings and folk cultures, we will never know these.

The candle burned so hard that it would eventually go out. In any case, the beautiful vision it has given us has continued to this day, and we sincerely hope that the dragon and phoenix flower candle will go well.

A skill is a living method.

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