Japanese media announces top three in global military strength list

Looking back on the long history of modern times, there have been several major reorganizations. The first was World War I and World War II, which shook Britain and France s dominance for many years. Until the end of the Second World War, Britain and France completely went into decline. In particular, Britain, which used to be known as the Emperor Empire, returned directly to the British Isles.

The world pattern we are in today occurs after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. During this period, the United States has become the world s number one hegemony with strong military and economic strength. And Russia, which inherited the huge military industry system of the former Soviet Union, is still not to be underestimated, although the overall economy is in a trough.

Not long ago, the Japanese media announced the global military strength rankings. Japan ranked itself fourth in the list, and the changes in the top three were more obvious. Russia, which once ranked second, actually fell to third China was unexpectedly ranked second by Japan. Many domestic netizens are amazed by this ranking, which is beyond all expectations.

So why can China s military strength rise from third to second? Perhaps Japan believes that Russia s rapid development in recent years cannot be surpassed by Russia. For example, in the field of fifth-generation aircraft, China s F-20 has entered the stage of large-scale mass production, and has successfully surpassed the Russian Su 57 fighter in certain technologies. For this reason, the US military even used the F-20 model aircraft as an air force training object earlier, which is enough to prove that the F-20 is powerful.

Secondly, from the perspective of comprehensive national development, the Russian population has not been replied after the end of World War II, which has led to great difficulties in Russian military recruitment in recent years. In addition, Russian youth born in peacetime have a more comfortable mind, rather than being a soldier Its better to suffer than to enjoy life at home. I never thought of giving my life to the country. Therefore, Japan considered China in many ways, which put China ahead of Russia.

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