Nigerian Abuja Art Fair “China Day”

On November 21st, Nigeria’s 12th Abuja International Arts and Crafts Fair held a colorful “China Day” event. Official of the Cultural Affairs Office of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, head of the National Arts and Culture Council of Nigeria, head of the Nigerian company of the Wada era, and culture, art, tourism and some national embassy cultures in the Federal Capital Region of Nico and Abuja About 400 people, including officials and exhibitors, attended.
Wang Guiping, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, said on behalf of the embassy that this is the second time that the Chinese Embassy participated in the Abuja Art Fair exhibition and held the “China Day” event, hoping to showcase it through the platform of the Art Fair. Chinese culture, telling stories of China, and in-depth understanding of different cultures of different ethnic groups in Nigeria, and at the same time conducting friendly cultural exchanges with participating countries. The Chairman of the National Council of Arts and Culture of Nigeria, Ren Saiwei highly praised the cooperation between Nepal and China in culture and art. He hoped that the two sides will work together to strengthen exchanges between culture and art in Nepal and China and promote friendly exchanges between the two peoples. Zhang Junqi, CEO of the Siddha era Nigerian company, introduced the completion of the Chinese government’s assistance to the African Digital TV “Wancuntong” project in the “Thousand Villages”.
At the Abuja International Exhibition Center Art Fair “China Day” event, the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the Si Da Times Nigeria Company were in front of the two booths. The traditional folk music and Tai Chi performances of Chinese embassy librarians opened the eyes of the audience. The Chinese fan dance performed by the Abuja Dulsi women’s high school students in the “China’s Horn” won applause.
The Abuja Art Fair was held from November 20th to 24th, with 68 national diplomatic missions in Nigeria and representatives from the National Capital Government of Nico and Abuja, tourism and crafts companies.

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