“Peace Train” medical team returns to Asopo for medical service activities

“The peace train medical team of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army is back!” the people of sanansai County, azoppo Province, Laos told each other and eagerly looked forward to the arrival of Chinese medical team members. Although one year has passed since the disaster, the local people still clearly remember the scene when the “peace train” medical team first arrived in the disaster area to carry out disaster medical rescue.
On August 24, many local people came to the temporary resettlement center of the affected people in Dongba village, sanansai county early in the morning. The waiting shed was full of local people waiting for the “peace train” medical team of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army to return to azoppo.
In August 2019, China’s “peace train” medical team went to Laos to participate in joint training and medical service activities, and participated in the medical rescue of the Chinese injured in the major traffic accident in Luang Prabang, which was transferred to the actual combat again. All the wounded were sent back to China after safe medical treatment, and the medical team successfully completed the task. Then, the medical team immediately transferred to carry out medical services for the old army and people and “return to azopo” activities.
The “return to azoppo” activity was carried out by the third peace train medical team selected by the General Hospital of the eastern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, and medical service activities were carried out in sanansai County, azoppo province. “Peace train” medical team III, combined with local common diseases, frequently occurring diseases and infectious diseases, is composed of experts in digestion, cardiology, endocrinology, respiration, gynecology, pediatrics, liver disease, infection, otolaryngology, general practice, etc. they have just completed the task of emergency rescue and medical evacuation for the injured in Luang Prabang, and immediately organized the medical service activities in Barcelona, Then they rushed to sanansai county to carry out free clinic activities.
On the 4-hour road from Basse to sanansai County, the team members saw the impact of last year’s disaster on the local area, felt the backward living conditions, the lack of medical and health resources, saw the eager eyes of the Lao people, and saw the full waiting hall. The team members forgot the long-time bumpy fatigue and high-intensity work fatigue, and immediately put into work.
Wang Maorong, director of Hepatology and infectious diseases department, has a large number of patients in front of the work desk. The infectious diseases received on that day include dengue fever, malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc. In order to quickly determine the source of infection, the third medical team made full preparation before the trip. A variety of detection reagents and test papers provide great convenience for rapid diagnosis, and also provide a basis for targeted determination of treatment plan. Zhou Qiuming, deputy director of gynecology and Gao Yuanfu, deputy director of Pediatrics, were surrounded by women and children who asked for help. They patiently gave detailed answers one by one. At the same time of diagnosis and treatment for Lao people, the medical team also produced a series of bilingual health education manuals to guide Lao people how to prevent diseases and self-care.
Xu Xiaoli, the leader of the third medical team of “peace train”, said that the medical team had made careful preparations for the medical service activity, had in-depth communication with the military region of azoppo Province in the early stage, fully grasped the situation of local frequently occurring diseases and common diseases, targeted to select the backbone strength of corresponding departments, equipped with rapid testing reagents, consumables for inspection and herbs covering the local disease spectrum, Carry 150000 yuan of medicine. On the 24th, the medical team provided free diagnosis and treatment for more than 360 people, 307 people and 410 times of drugs, and 1200 people of health education materials. After the free clinic, a donation ceremony will be held to present all the remaining medicinal materials to the local government.
The scale and influence of this “return to azoppo” activity exceeded expectations. The local people came from all over the country to seek medical treatment and medicine, which fully demonstrated the trust of the Lao People in the PLA’s military doctors. CommScope in Hani village, sanansai County said excitedly, “peace train medical team is very good. I came to rescue us when the dam break accident happened last year, and came to free medical treatment and medicine delivery this year. I really appreciate them!” iborn in Maicun said: “the Chinese military doctors who treated me had a very good attitude. They checked me carefully, prescribed medicine for me, and told me the precautions. I am very grateful Thank her.
“The special arrangement for the medical team to return to azoppo fully reflects the affection of the leaders of both parties in China and Laos for the disaster area and the people in the disaster area. The members of the peace train medical team and the local people are the witnesses and witnesses of the profound friendship between China and Laos,” said Song Yu, senior colonel of the Health Bureau of the logistics and support department of the Military Commission.

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