Promote Cultural Copyright and Authorization to Create Chinese Cultural IP

The concept of intellectual property has now been fully recognized by the society. For Ren Yibiao, chairman of the Shanghai base operating agency, this recognition is of great significance.

Today, the concept of IP is completely different from what it was 5 years ago. In the past, we talked about cultural authorization and copyright authorization. People don t know what IP is, and they will jokingly ask if you have the rights of your general manager. It was granted, Ren Yibiao told a reporter from China News Agency with a smile. Ren Yibiao said that with the continued rapid development of the copyright licensing industry in China, the accumulation of international cultural licensing trade shows after five years has also continued to mature.

As the Exhibition in Exhibition in the Second Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Industry Expo, the International Cultural Licensing Exchange Exhibition Zone hosted by the National Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Shanghai) and National Copyright Trade Base (Shanghai), on November 21, 2019 Held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from 24th to 24th, the fair covers an area of ​​3,600 square meters, and more than 80 companies display more than 1,000 popular IPs at home and abroad, covering film, television, animation , music, entertainment, art, fashion, corporate brands, Sports, museums, cultural and creative products, etc.

We focus on the fields of copyright and licensing, and hope to reflect the level of our public services and the degree of internationalization in this area. Ren Yibiao pointed out that as a public service platform, the national foreign cultural and trade base is currently operating internationally with mature operations. There is still a certain gap between the platforms, but now China has awareness in this regard, and there are also professional institutions and people doing it. Ren Yibiao believes that the future development of China s IP industry chain is worth looking forward to.

The superposition and integration of IP can not only drive the development of an industry, but also promote the integration and development of multiple industries and enhance their respective values. Shanghai Yuyou Culture Media Co., Ltd. s well-known IPs such as Bag ”and“ Bad Hero ”are a good example.

呫 呫 Baoji is a series of cultural and creative products launched based on the cultural characteristics of Nanxiang Xiaolongbao s intangible cultural heritage. Liang Shuai, executive director of Shanghai Yuyou Culture Media Co., Ltd. frankly said that everyone did not know the concept of IP in the past. Now, thanks to various activities of the National Cultural Trade Base, the company s awareness of copyright protection has been improved and how to protect copyright has been learned.

For a company, the development of cultural and creative products is more important than the protection of trademarks, Liang Shuai said. With the help of professional organizations, Baoji has become a very successful copyrighted cartoon image in China. It is understood that Baoji is not only a national intangible cultural heritage animation project, but also a Belt and Road construction cooperation project between China and Thailand. Through the trade of copyright, Baoji has cooperated with a Thai company To show the charm of Chinese original animation to the younger generation of Thailand.

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