Seven do not marry, dark nine but What is it about?

Seven do not marry, dark nine but What is it about? Ancient women are not easy! Next, I will come to understand with readers and give you a reference.

In some places, we often hear the vicissitudes of old people saying some fine sayings. These sayings are as full of time as wrinkles on their faces, and the sayings they say are like In telling the ordinary life experience, from the mouth of the old people will also hear many interesting stories, these are things you have not experienced, the kind of stories with unique experiences is often the most attractive to the audience.

In addition to being able to hear their life experiences from these sayings, there are also the social background in which these sayings were created, as well as the limitations of people s thoughts, etc. There are even some sayings that have nothing to learn from. And the saying we are introducing to you today, Seven do not marry, but nine are secret, there are many taboos of ancient people, but at the same time, it is not easy to tell the ancient women!

First of all, let s take a look at the saying born seven without marrying, which says that if an ancient woman commits seven things, she will be let go by her husband, and it will be intolerable by the world. And the ancient things of the seven refer to: childlessness, tongue, stealing, jealousy, evil, no aunt. Childless refers to the fact that a woman cannot give birth to a child soon after she marries into her husband s family, or that the woman has lost the function of childbearing. In ancient times, people regarded the passing of incense as very important, but if this was the case, they would blame all It is unfair to blame the wife.

Refers to a woman who cheats on her husband and other men. She refers to a woman who likes to manipulate things, and stealing refers to a woman whose hands and feet are not clean. These are women with moral problems. They are indeed against human relations. Jealousy is that a woman can t stand her husband s preference for other women. This is what many women will have. After all, only if you care about you will you be jealous. Illness refers to a woman who is seriously ill, a couple of days a day, and if your wife needs a fatal blow when she needs you most, she is a man. The last one who does nothing is a person who is not filial to her in-laws, and once an ancient woman commits any of this, she will be suspended.

Dark nine, however, this has something to do with people s birthdays. Once people in the ancient times passed sixty years old, it is already a longevity, and nine is the highest of the ten Arabic numbers, so once people pass After sixty years of age, it is rare to have a birthday in multiples of nine. The ancients believed that nine is the largest number, but as long as it shows that this threshold has passed and it is a new beginning for people. After all, who wants to live longer! And that s the whole meaning of the saying.

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