Seven small student cities for studying abroad

Although metropolises like London and New York are a must see, not everyone feels comfortable learning there, because some people may prefer smaller cities that are less crowded. Here are seven small cities that are most suitable for studying abroad.

According to your personality, you may prefer to stay in a smaller and more relaxed student city, where you will soon find your own way to integrate with the local people. If you think small city life is right for you, read on and see some destinations you should consider, which are among the top 100 QS best student cities in 2017.

QS best student city ranking: 59th

The Czech Republic’s charming Brno is the first on our “best small city” list, rising 14 places in this year’s “best student city index.”. According to our student survey results, this increase is due to its high scores in the new student view category. Brno, with a population of 810000, is a vibrant university town with about 10500 students, 20% of whom are international students. Students in Brno like their experience very much, especially the friendliness and diversity of the city. Brno is also very cheap, the cost of living is very low, the average annual tuition is only 4600 dollars. If residents want a day tour, Brno also has good connections with some of Europe’s major cities, including Prague, Vienna and Bratislava.

2. Hsinchu, Taiwan Province, China

QS best student city ranking: 75th

Next, Hsinchu, Taiwan Province, China, with a population of 435000, is more leisurely than Taipei’s busy streets. Hsinchu is known as the “wind city”, which helps to keep it relatively pollution-free. It should be welcomed by technology lovers, because there are Silicon Valley and Hsinchu Technology Industrial Park in Taiwan Province of China. Hsinchu, Taiwan Province of China, also has a good economic affordability. The cost of living is lower than that of Taipei, and the average tuition fee is only $3400 per year. In Hsinchu’s universities, there are more and more courses in English, either in whole or in part.

3. Vilnius

QS best student city ranking: 96

Lithuania, the capital of Lithuania, is the new city on the best student cities index this year, ideal for those who want to study in European metropolises. Vilnius is in the top 50 in our new student outlook and a city with reasonable living and learning costs, with an average annual tuition of only $2300. The city is home to beautiful Baroque and Gothic architecture and one of the largest medieval cities in northern Europe. This UNESCO World Heritage site is an ideal place for you to explore between lectures. There are also some English teaching programs.

QS best student city ranking: 26

Rising 23 places in this year’s “best student city index,” the highest ranked city in the list, you may be confused about the Canadian capital being rated as one of the best small cities. However, compared with other large North American cities such as New York and Toronto, Ottawa is very small, with a metropolitan area of only 1.2 million residents. Ottawa ranks first in our “student outlook” category, reflecting the happy lifestyle, friendliness and diversity of students. “I like the opportunities, the diversity and the student-centered culture here,” one student from the city told us

QS best student city ranking: 68

Back in Europe and the French city of Toulouse, which has a population of 1.2 million. Toulouse is known as the “pink city” because of the use of pink bricks in its buildings. The centre of Toulouse is small and walkable. As the seat of the University of Toulouse (one of the oldest universities in the world), the city has a large number of students and is considered very safe. The city has a vibrant cultural scene, full of festivals and other large-scale activities, as well as a lively night life.

6. Christchurch

QS best student city ranking: 74th

In New Zealand, Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island, with 390000 residents. Nestled between rolling hills, mountains and waterways, Christchurch is an ideal city for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and has the opportunity to do mountain biking, surfing, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing. Christchurch is regarded as the most British city in New Zealand. It has been nicknamed “garden city” for its vast parks and gardens, and also features Gothic architecture. Christchurch has some of the most powerful universities in New Zealand, including the University of Canterbury, which ranks 214th in the world.

7. Tomsk

QS best student city ranking: 91

Last but not least, in our survey of the most suitable small cities for students to live in, Tomsk, a Russian city with a population of 525000, is a new participant in this year’s best student city index. Tomsk, in Siberia, is the perfect place for snow lovers and one of the top 10 most affordable cities this year, thanks to its low tuition and cost of living. The city has a large and diverse student population, 21% of which are from countries other than Russia, which proves that you can meet people from all over the world without learning in big cities.

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