Song Meiling, 19, looks like a fairy. Why didn’t Zhang Xueliang dare to marry her then?

Returned to Shanghai from the United States. In the past ten years in the United States, Song Meiling s speech and manners have completely westernized her religious beliefs. However, she was determined to be proficient in the classical literature of the motherland, so she Invited a private teacher to study specifically. Song Meiling, who has strict requirements on her own quality, quickly became a goal pursued by men in Shanghai celebrities by virtue of her outstanding conversation.

Similarly, in the 1920s of the last century, Zhang Xueliang, the eldest son of Northeast King Zhang Zuolin, was about the same age as Song Meiling. Different from his father s experience in the Tiger Forest, Zhang Xueliang received higher military education from an early age. Influenced by Guo Songling s construction of a new army, Zhang Xueliang was very interested in Western things. At the same time, Feng Department also focused on the development of the navy and the army. Young masters often drove by airplanes . Coupled with their cheerful personality, they soon became famous during the Republic of China. Son.

Like a Southern Girl, everyone feels that southern girls are mostly gentle and virtuous. Zhang Xueliang, who is full of longing for Western things, also has a good impression on Western women.

In 1925, as the May 30th Movement affected Shanghai, the young commander Zhang Xueliang brought soldiers to Shanghai to protect the lives and property of the people. It was at this time that he first met Song Meiling, a famous lady in Shanghai, and was immediately overwhelmed by her outstanding temperament. Compared with Zhang Xueliang s original wife, Yu Fengzhi, Song Meiling s open-minded western woman combined with the elegant temperament of Eastern women deeply attracted Zhang Xueliang. Zhang Xueliang described her as beautiful as a fairy , and the two were very happy to communicate in English, and later dated in Shanghai several times. In his later years, Zhang Xueliang said more than once that if he had not married Yu Fengzhi, he would chase Song Meiling.

In Song Meiling s diary, we can find that when she was very young, she had been thinking about what kind of person she should be— Compared to the time of history, a person s life is too short and what should be Way to change the course of history, this is a question I often think about.

It can be seen that Song Meiling, who has been studying in the United States for a long time, has always regarded changing social processes as her own responsibility. In Zhang Xueliang, she saw this power. A young marshal with a big warlord background and eager to build his career is just the perfect companion who can make himself realize the value of life. How can this not keep the young Song Meiling hearty?

However, the two were ultimately destined, Zhang Xueliang did not stay in Shanghai for too long, and left Shanghai because of differences with Sun Chuanfang. Song Meiling met Chiang Kai-shek afterwards. Although most members of the Song clan objected to such a marriage , Song Meiling s eldest son Song Yiling believed that Chiang Kai-shek had a bright future. In the end, the two got together and Song Meiling successfully became the chairman s wife.

In the Xi an Incident, Song Meiling flew to Xi an as a negotiator of the National Government, and Zhang Xueliang also personally greeted him. As for sending Jiang back to Nanjing, Song Meiling also repeatedly defended Zhang Xueliang in front of Chiang Kai -shek. As a vassal of one party, Zhang Xueliang held heavy soldiers and puppet government heads, and was ultimately safe. This is unique in Chinese history. In his later years, he also claimed, If there is no Mrs. Jiang, Mr. Jiang will definitely shoot me.

At the beginning of this century, two figures who played a pivotal role in modern Chinese history have left, and their friendship has always settled on that bustling Shanghai beach. A well-known warlord son admires a ladylike lady with both the eastern and western elegance, mountains and rivers, which is probably the case.

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