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I announce the official opening of the Second China International Import Expo! At the opening ceremony of the Second International Expo, President Xi delivered a keynote speech, focusing on the historical trend of Pentium forward, and proposed 3 points to promote the construction of an open world economy. The initiative announced five measures for China to continue to promote higher levels of opening up. The strong sound of win-win cooperation echoes along the Huangpu River, injecting strong confidence and surging momentum for the advancement of economic globalization.

It is another colorful autumn season, and we once again ushered in the moment of entering the blog. In just one year, the China International Import Expo from scratch has quickly attracted wide participation from countries and enterprises around the world, becoming a major initiative in the history of global trade development, and becoming another important platform for international cooperation in the new era. The fruitful results stem from China s commitment to speak out: from the official establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone Lingang New Area, to the establishment of the Science and Technology Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the pilot registration system has been formally implemented, and then the Foreign Investment Law will be It will be implemented on January 1 next year, and the opening measures announced by President Xi at the first Expo will have been basically implemented. The fruitful results show the aspirations of open cooperation: more than 60 countrie s and 3 international organizations have jointly participated in the grand event. The two exhibitions have expanded the exhibition area and it is still “difficult to find”. More new products, technologies and services In the World Premiere, China s First Exhibition of the Expo, the larger, higher-quality, and richer events, the Expo brings great opportunities for cooperation among countries and provides profound inspiration for human development.

Facing the countercurrent of unilateralism and protectionism, the Expo is like a mirror, reflecting the irresistible historical trend of economic globalization. The tens of thousands of businessmen s expo is a vote of confidence that the world has cast on China. Isn t it an inevitable choice for countries to respond to the current situation and benefit each other? Just as the Yangtze River, the Nile River, the Amazon River, and the Danube River move forward day and night, although there will be some turning waves, and although there will be many shoal reefs, no one can stop the tide of the times and the Pentium forward.

Facing the proposition of the era of the world economy, President Xi answered the question with openness and answered with three points of proposals: jointly build an open and cooperative world economy, jointly build an open and innovative world economy, and jointly build an open and shared world economy. This is a profound summary of the laws of history, and it is also a Chinese plan to jointly create the future. With a more open mindset and measures, jointly expanding the global market cake, realizing the global sharing mechanism , and living a global cooperation approach, we can push the ship of the world economy through the waves and sail.

At the historical moment when China and the world s fate meet, the Expo is like a window, condensing China s initiative to expand opening up and promote the construction of an open world economy. From the five measures proposed in the first Expo to expand opening, to this time, continue to expand market opening, continue to improve the open structure, continue to optimize the business environment, continue to deepen multilateral and bilateral cooperation, and continue to promote the joint construction of the Belt and Road and other five aspects of pragmatic As a result, China s door to opening up has become wider and wider, and its determination to advance to a higher level of opening up has remained firm.

Behind the firm determination is the profound understanding that the world is good, China can be good; China is good, the world can be better, it is China s promising prospects and its development momentum, and it is the Chinese market is so big, everyone is welcome to take a look The broad mindset is a practical action to promote economic globalization and join hands with other countries to develop together.

Open cooperation and common destiny. During President Xi s speech, warm applause sounded from time to time at the venue. This applause expresses the admiration of the Chinese leaders for the participants and stirs up the world s expectation of strengthening cooperation and supporting the grand event. China s development is a great cause of progress for all mankind. A new era of China with open arms embracing the world will certainly provide more opportunities for the development of all countries and make new and greater contributions to building a community of shared future for mankind!

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