The 5th Foreign Language Chinese Contest was held in Tianyi Pavilion

On November 2, foreign friends from South Korea, Britain, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Iran, Turkey and other countries who love Chinese gathered in the hall. The fifth foreign Chinese competition in Ningbo, sponsored by Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion Museum and co sponsored by Ningbo focus, was successfully held in the No.1 Hall of Tianyi Pavilion in “South book city”.
The Chinese language competition for foreigners in Ningbo has been held for four consecutive sessions and has attracted the attention and participation of many foreign friends who love Chinese culture. In the fifth Chinese language competition, the competition was upgraded again. The preliminaries of this competition are divided into two groups: the contestants who register online, as the volunteer commentator of Tianyige Museum, explain Tianyige in Chinese for the tourists. Six of them are voted by the on-site tourists to reach the final. At the same time, Ningbo University, Nottingham University, Huamao international school and Huamao foreign language school also selected six contestants to participate in the final through the preliminary competition in the school.
The final competition is divided into school recommendation group and individual application group. In order to let the contestants know more about the rich and colorful Chinese culture and art, and make the whole competition more enjoyable. The competition is divided into three parts. In addition to the regular self introduction and talent display, there are also parts of “Chinese character game” and “voice into people’s hearts”.
In the talent show, the players show their skills. The songs “I and my motherland”, “father”, Taijiquan, tea ceremony performance, violin solo “Phoenix Tail Bamboo in the Moonlight” and other talent shows are brilliant, bright and enthusiastic, and all have Chinese cultural characteristics, which aroused the resonance and praise of the audience on site. Iranian girl moon’s “Chinese” is fluent and precise, which pushes the atmosphere of the arena to a small climax.
In the final voice into the hearts of the people, the school recommended the contestants to show their styles. In the dubbing process, the popular movie and TV plays such as “everything is good”, “whether you know it or not”, “fragrant honey” were vividly played; the contestants of the individual application group were witty, introducing the latest cultural and creative products of Tianyi Pavilion “ancient and modern book collection” and “Danying opera color” to everyone in a vivid and humorous form.
After three rounds of fierce competition, the moon from Iran won the top spot and was recommended to be the top runner up in the school; Alina Wang, a 12-year-old girl from Britain, was recommended to be the top runner up in the individual application group.
After the competition, Chen Guomiao, deputy director of Ningbo Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office and Xiaoyun, host of Ningbo Radio, commented on the contestants one by one. They affirmed the outstanding performance of the competitors, praised their concern and deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and hoped that they could build a bridge of friendship and jointly promote the communication and cooperation between Ningbo and the world.

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