The first goalkeeper of the Northern Song Dynasty: the merits far surpassed the Yang family generals

From the beginning of the year to the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, the family lived in the prefecture for hundreds of years, inner screen China, outside Yidi. The Five Dynasties and the Northern Song Dynasty all passed on to their father and son, passing on to their next generation. The loyal stories of the Yang family are well-known in China, but little is known about them. They are mostly romances, and many of them come from this family who fought hard and guarded the Song Dynasty border. The famous Tai Taijun is also from this family. Tai Taijun is actually not a surname but a surname. Her maiden family has been guarding the northwestern border for nearly three hundred years, and her merits far surpass the generals of the Yang family . She was famous at the time, but she is now unknown. They are a family member.

The premature death is the prefecture s prefecture, now Fugu County. It can be seen from the map that this place is located at the northernmost point of Shaanxi Province, the northeast of Yulin City, north of Inner Mongolia, and the Yellow River to the south. It has always been a battleground for soldiers. During the Northern Song Dynasty, Song, Liao, and Xia stood on their feet. Fuzhou was the northwestern front of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was like a sharp blade inserted into the adjacent areas of Xia and Liao, especially for the invasion of Xixia.

In History of Song, the Zhe family has been hereditary for more than 200 years, and generations of men have broken down. They have participated in almost all military operations against the Khitan, destroying the Northern Han Dynasty, and resisting the Xixia. Most of them acted as pioneers and commanders. Especially after the rise of Xixia, the Zhe clan was caught in a long and fierce battle with Xixia. The successors and the bloodshed have created generations of famous family members.

In this family, each generation has one or even many tyrants. It is amazing: it is indeed a fighting family! Generations of broken family men have not only inherited the excellent fighting genes of their parents, but also learned in battle from an early age . In the history books, Zhejia will become a brand, and its rivals will be frightened. For example, the son of Zhe Dezhang, Zhe Yuqing, in the battle of Zihe Zhe, the Huns general Han Dewei attacked by tens of thousands of people , Zhe Yuqing wrapped dumplings, beheaded 5,000 grades, and won a thousand horses.

At the end of the year, Han Dewei heard that Zhe Yuqing was ill and brought in another soldier. He tried to report the revenge of Zhe Heyi. Zhe Yuqing took the disease into battle. Dweiwei heard about it and did not dare to enter . He ran quietly. For another example, the fifth generation of the family broke up and fought against the Xixia Army in Luanchuan. Beheading four hundred, descending households, thousands of horses and cattle, the veterans suddenly said: Really folded Taiweizi !

The son of Zhe Kexing is suitable, and he is both brave and intelligent, being brave and brave, and able to shoot without getting used to it, he is a natural combat master, sighed by the people as True General. Tricky. One year Xia Army invaded 100,000 people. Zhe Keshi learned the names of the soldiers guarding the enemy s beacon through the spy report. Then he pretended to be the leader of Xia Army, shouted the names of these soldiers, deceived them, and killed them one by one. The enemy did not have a beacon to relay the news, so Zhe Keshi played a large roundabout flash fight, took eight thousand cavalry around the enemy, slashed and killed, and almost caught the commander of the Xia Army and the mad Queen Liang.

Galloping the battlefield, sacrifice is inevitable, the family members will fight for generations to sacrifice blood, but they can sing and weep: Zhe Yuqing died of the enemy, died in front of the battlefield, Zhe Haichao, Zhe Weixin died in the battlefield, Zhe Weichang took the disease and escorted the army with wind and sand. The time is running out, I still have a drink with Bin Zuozan and talk and laugh freely. I will die tomorrow, 37

The scholar Li Yumin summed up the characteristics of the Zhe family s invasion of Zhizhou in Zhizhou in the article Zhe Family Research . Except for the first and second lives, most of them were brothers. Why dont they pass on the children directly? Because they dont have a long life, From the age of seven known people, the average is 44.8 years old. When they died, their son was still young, and Zhizhou is different from the throne. He needs to be able to lead the Fan and Han ministries to fight against Liao., Xia, the age is too young to be competent. The generations of the Zhe family, the age of Ren Zhizhou, seven cases that can be known, the youngest is 19 years old (Zhe Yuqing) and the oldest 33 years old (Zhe Cong Ruan, Zhe Deyi), With an average of over 26 years old, is the best age to gallop.

In the folk tale Yang Family s Romance , he wrote five generations from Gaozu Yangye, great ancestor Yang Yanzhao, grandfather Yang Zongbao, father Yang Wenguang to Yang Huaiyu. But in History of Song , the Yang family will be descendants of three generations, namely Yang Ye, Yang Yanzhao, Yang Wenguang, without Yang Zongbao, and Yang Wenguang is not a grandson of Yang Yanzhao as said in the romance. In history, they were father and son relationship.

There are also family biography in Song History: the first generation of Zhe Dexuan, the second generation of Zhe Yuxun and Zhe Yuqing, the third generation of Zhe Weizheng, Zhe Weichang, Zhe Weizhong, and the fourth generation Zhe Jiuan, Zhe Jimin, Zhe Jizu, Zhe Jishi; the fifth generation Zhe Kexing, the sixth generation Zhe Keshi, Zhe Keqiu, and a pass Zhe Keshi son Zhe Yanzhi, wrote seven generations. Three generations of his father, Zhe Dezhang, from Ruan, grandfather Zhe Lun, and great ancestor Zong Zong, from the late Tang and the Five Dynasties to the Northern Song Dynasty and the early Southern Song Dynasty, nearly 300 years, a full ten generations-in China Very rare in history.

The history is ruthless. At the same time that the Yang family will be well-known through folk romances, the tenth generation is the general and the most popular family member in China, but it is unknown., But erased her proud family mark.

I should remember the family members, who have risen in troubled times and lasted for hundreds of years. The generations of the generals have a strong family and loyal patriotism. They have witnessed the hardship and glory of the Chinese nation along the way.

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