The four great inventions of ancient China are the crystallization of the wisdom of ancient people

No matter in ancient times or modern times, the development of a country is inseparable from the word innovation. Many technologies are constantly transforming innovation based on the experience of previous generations. It can be said that innovation plays a huge role in our daily life. Our life brings convenience. These inventions not only facilitate our lives, but also give us more choices in life. The wealth left by the ancient inventions still plays an irreplaceable role in the development of later generations. Speaking of ancient inventions, first of all, the four major inventions came to mind: papermaking, compass, gunpowder, and movable type printing. So what stories did these inventions go through before they came out?

After the generation of language, humans need to use some things to record events, so our ancestors thought of a way to use the thickness of the rope, the length, and the size of the knot to indicate the importance of the matter, the important thing is to use thick rope, Long distance, large knots to represent. Later, with the continuous development of social civilization, people began to record things in different ways. For example, some people engraved the text on the shell of the turtle, some cut off the bamboo, made the bamboo pole into pieces of bamboo, and engraved the text on these bamboo pieces. Some people used some brocade as the material and wrote the text on The above, etc. Although this can record the text, there are also problems. Remember that there are too many things, the turtle shell and bamboo are too heavy to carry, and the brocade is too expensive. Ordinary families cannot afford the expensive expenses. Not easily preserved.

Later, in the Han Dynasty, Cai Lun was affected by the rice panning process, mixing some bark and rags together to form a specific papermaking process. At that time, the paper was the original form of the paper we use now. Some people said that paper existed before Cai Lun invented it, but the paper was relatively rough at that time. Cai Lun invented the paper on this basis to improve it and invented a better quality paper. Because there is less relevant data in this area, we do n t know how it is, but the invention of paper has indeed brought a huge gospel to people s future development.

The Compass was invented only after the Song Dynasty. It was evolved by Sinan and was mainly used to judge the direction. In the past, people mainly judged the direction of the stars by the direction of the stars. When they got lost, they always walked in one direction, and they could go out sooner or later. However, during the day, there was no reference object. This problem has always troubled the ancients. Knowing that by accident, people found that the magnets would be fixed to the north and south poles, not affected by day and night, so Sinan was invented on this basis, and then gradually evolved into a compass.

The origin of yin gunpowder was invented by the alchemists, and formed in the late Tang Dynasty and the early Song Dynasty. Some people think that pursuing eternal life and refining elixir, it is said that the elders in this period can already use saltpeter, sulfur and some charcoal to form the first raw material of gunpowder. Although it is impractical and impossible for alchemy to pursue eternal life, some experiments still have merit. For example, they created gunpowder, and, with this foundation, they used gunpowder on the military and made some on war. Defending artillery, artillery, landmines and other destructive weapons against foreign enemies better guarantees the security of your country.

When a book requires multiple copies for browsing, it can be printed with a printer in modern times, so what should be done in ancient times? It is similar to the movable type printing technique invented by Bi Sheng in the Northern Song Dynasty. Before that , there was a type of engraving technique, but there are many shortcomings and disadvantages of engraving technique, which is easily eroded. Therefore, Bi Sheng invented the movable type printing technique. It uses a single-character inverse character template. When printing, select the characters of those characters that need to be printed, arrange them in the dial that needs to be printed, and print with ink. After use, these characters can be left. Use it next time. The use of movable type printing has improved the efficiency of printing, and it is also the basis of modern printing. Its invention can spread the ancient civilization of knowledge and promote this knowledge to the world.

These inventions are the result of the innovation of ancient people. There are many difficulties on the way of innovation. They overcome difficulties, experience failure, and finally successfully develop world-renowned works. These achievements have condensed the wisdom of the Chinese people and witnessed their efforts, leaving behind for future generations reference materials that can be used for reference and passed down from generation to generation.

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